Pigeon Tales

October 24, 2010

Flecky introduces his Kids: Snowy and Patchy

From the

Diary as of  5/23  – 5/31/10

5/23 Emma laid second egg #47

Today is weighing day again and here are the values of our ladies:

Pina 321 gr and Winnie 362 gr

Something very sweet happened again: Flecky was introducing his kids to us after he came several times a day inside to eat like a pig. He has two absolutely beautiful kids: one is totally white – so we called her (I think it’s a she) SNOWY of course. The second one is colourful as Flecky himself but has a completely white head cap – very beautiful – we call her PATCHY.  But look for yourself:

And this is their dad Flecky (photo is from last year when he was a youngster):



This reminds me very much of Angelo being introduced by Willy and Winnie. Where are you Willy and where are you Angelo? I miss you both so much!!!

5/23 Jimi’s hot love has considerably cooled down. He is still mating with Pina or Winnie and somtimes both of them but obviously the longing is not so strong any more. Now he is rather interested in eating again. Alice and Jimi are coming now at different times and more often – apparently their babies (?) have hatched and need more food now (only an assumption – I really don’t know whether they have babies).

5/24 I don’t like the fact that Pina is still a bit too thin. I have taken up feeding her 3 times a day again – apparently she is not eager enough to eat herself so I have to feed her. Maybe it is because she only loves to eat in company but neither Jimi nor Flecky can stand it when Pina eats from the same pot. So I have put several food pots in the same place now so everybody can eat from his own. Maybe this will improve the situation. Winnie still needs to be fed anyway.

5/27 Today was weighing day again:

Pina 320 gr and Winnie 362 gr.

I am still not quite content with Pina’s weight – I think she still eats not enough so I am putting her back on pellets twice, once apple cereal and add a drop of oil.

5/28 Today I am feeling again like having a station restaurant again:

Jimi appeared 7°clock to take his breakfast. Then Alice appeared to take hers. Then Jimi came again to visit his girlfriends and eating a bit. Then Flecky appeared, playing vacuumcleaner again and eating like a pig. Wonder who will be next….

Winnie has seizures today again. So I packed her into her box, towel on top of it to keep her in the dark. My poor little Winnie – she has to suffer so much. I have great pity with her.  Tomorrow it will be better again – I am sure.

5/30 Winnie is still having seizures – especially after feeding she has cramps. I cannot explain why… I don’t like this but I need to have patience and optimism.

5/31 Mr. Bossy is really a nerve. He is stubborn and not giving up to build a nest on the middle of the balcony. HE IS CRAZY! And he is making such a lot of noise. I removed the twigs he’s bringing at least 5 times today but he does not want to understand. He is also very aggressive towards any other pigeon on our balcony. HE HAS TO GO!!! I am nearly at the end of my wits…


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