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October 15, 2010

Winnie is depressed and Jimi turns into a Sex Monster

From the

Diary as of  5/22  – 5/23/10

5/22 Winnie had quite some relapses in the last 3 weeks, where I had to close her off in the box again, giving her additional warmth with a waterbowl which I was changing regularly and cover her up with a blanket to give her as much peace as possible. She is still stargazing a lot but does not have those seizures any more. So the final result after progressing 2 steps forward and one step backwards is that she is improving tiny steps in the right direction. I think she is really mourning the second loss of her Willy and feeling depressed Very sad .

As often as I can I pick her up – she loves to sit on my hand and being carried around – especially when she can look out of the window. Sometimes she runs through the appartment like a little marathon racer – it is very funny – but this way she continues to train her leg muscles. She still can neither fly very good nor eat by herself but during the last days she seems to be interested in pecking at seeds and grit. So this is a good sign and I am not worried at all. It took nearly 6 months until Pina could eat again by herself. Winnie is only 3 months in now.

I gave her a nest in the meanwhile because she often sits in a dark corner of the room as if she were missing her own nest. Sometimes she sits in it for some time. It is placed beneath a chair which I don’t use and so she has her peace there.

5/23 This morning nearly an awful accident happened: I packed both girls into their boxes and put them on the balcony because it was finally warmer and we had some sunbeams between the clouds. My hubby was doing his training on the stepper and he suddenly said – look, Winnie is outside the box. And there she was: sitting ON TOP OF THE BOX instead of inside. Heaven help me I had mounted a grill from the stove on top of the box instead of the regular plastic cover in order to give her as much sunshine as possible but somehow she had wiggled herself through the gaps and managed to climb outside. I could hardly breathe, moved very slowly towards her and could finally grab her. Thank heaven she did not try to escape – probably she was as surprised as I was. I did not dare to think about what could have happened. Lesson learned!

Pina is my little sunshine girl. She can fly like a little goddess again – you can see the talent of her father Willy – she can eat by herself although I continue to feed her in the morning with baby cereal and applesauce and in the evening with a few peas so that she gets at least some greens but she hasn’t passed her stress tests yet.

In the appartment she is free most of the time and can fly around as she likes, I play with her the “wild poudle game” as often as possible – which is really very cute and she makes noises like a sqeeking poudle – and she shows no symptoms at all any more. But as soon as I pack her into her box and put her outside on the balcony – down the head goes. As soon as she is in again the stargazing stops as if nothing has happened. This means for me she is not ready to fly free yet. But I am sure that she will stop this eventually too and be able to go. The weather was against us since the first of May – since more than 3 weeks now we had awfully cold weather and rain, rain, rain. This really does not help a sick pijjie to recover and so I could not train her. But now the weather seems to become a bit better and I can hopefully put her more often on the balcony so that she gets used to it. The big advantage is that Pete and Emma are around all day and other pijjies as well. So there is some interaction between them and Pina.

Since a couple of days Jimie and Alice are coming separately again. So I am sure they have a nest together somewhere and are breeding. And you will not believe what I tell you now:

Jimi revealed to be a comforter of “widows”. This means he suddenly shows big interest in Pina and courts her intensively. And as Pina always was adoring him for his statue and appearance – he is a very tall pijjie – she was simply falling in love with him immediately. And apparently forgot Willy.

Jimi started to mate with Pina – not once but repeatedly. Sometimes up to 10 times during the hour he was in. But this is not all: he started to court Winnie as well and also mated with her. I could not believe my eyes. Can you imagine that picture:

Jimi “walking” through the balcony door, impatiently expected and furiously greeted by the 2 ladies. Jimi cooing and then mating with one after the other. And now we have a competition between the 2 ladies, Pina becoming jealous when Jimi is busy with Winnie and vice versa. This sometimes ends in Winnie chasing Pina through the appartment and sometimes the other way round and Jimi in between looking like a dummy. Oh my – this is pure family drama. And sometimes he even finds the time to eat a few seeds in between. The love ecstasy goes that far that they even run over my feet when I am standing in their way and sometimes nearly mate on my feet. I think they have no respect for their mommy!

After some time – when it starts getting dark – I have to chase Jimi out of the appartment and send him home. I don’t want him to potentially leave Alice. That would be really unfair. Who would ever have thought that my sweet quiet Jimi would turn into a sex monster with 3 wives now?

all pics are Jimi with Pina

total loony


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