Pigeon Tales

October 3, 2010

Pina is crying and Angelo does not seem to return either

From the

Diary as of  5/14  – 5/21/10

5/14 Pina is crying. She is calling for her Willy nearly the whole day. It sounds heartbreaking and I am often crying. I try to play with her as often as I can. She is so sweet and I have such pity with her.

5/15 It is the 3rd day without my Willy now.  And still no Angelo. I am so worried especially as the weather is totally awful – rainy and cold nearly all the time. The temperatures are hardly above 10°C and I am wearing pullover all the time. As if the winter had not been hard enough and long enough. We have no sun and the days are dark. This really does not help to feel better.

I try to play with Pina as often as I can so that she is a bit distracted but she is still crying and calling for Willy very often. It is heartbreaking.

Additionally our sweet Angelo (Willy’s son) did not turn up since a week now. He is probably busy with babies but still I would have expected him to come at least once a day to get some seeds. We have seen him since Willy introduced him to us one year ago EVERY DAY, not missing one. He had very few time the last times when he appeared to take his breakfast, ate hastily and off he was again. Normally he sat for a while on my arm so that I could talk to him and then flew away again. Now he does not appear either. What is happening here? I feel awfully unhappy… Very sad

Still I would not have thought that Willy would ever leave Pina or Winnie. But apparently his longing for raising babies was stronger. I really don’t know. Will he ever come back?
On the other side I could not let Pina become babies here in my livingroom. That would not have been good, neither for Pina nor for the babies. I simply don’t have the right location for them.

It is only very bad luck because Pina is also on the way to complete recovery. Willy should have been a bit more patient then I could have released them together – what I had hoped for.
Yes – believe it or not – but Pina has improved dramatically and can fly and eat as normal. I am just waiting for the weather to improve so that I can check on the balcony whether she is showing symptoms again. But I need much warmer weather for that.

Since 2 weeks now Pina has no symptoms inside any more! The last time yet – when I put the box on the balcony in order to give her sunshine – she started a bit stargazing again because she was so excited. But that was last week. Since then the weather has become so ugly that I could not take her out. Of course I need to test her a couple of times before I could let her go. But she clearly demonstrates that she wants to go! Together with Willy this would have been much better. I just have to wait and see…

In the meanwhile I play with her as often as possible to distract her from her new loss. The poor little girl – I am so sad how this all developed…

5/16 Weighing day:

Pina 332 gr and Winnie 361 gr which seems to be her regular weight now after nothing has changed for a few weeks.

5/16 Jimi appears each day several times. He apparently has realized that Willy is not here any more and so he started to court Pina and Winnie. Maybe this will finally distract her from her loss – I don’t know but I dearly hope so.

5/21 Emma laid a other egg  #46

It is hardly believable but Jimi and Pina are mating. Apparently Pina is so desperate to have a mate that she allows Jimi to mount her – and Jimi – that little bugger – does not need to be asked twice!!!! MEEEEENNNNNNNN!!!! Thank heaven Alice does not know!!



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