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October 2, 2010

Willy has disappeared and Angelo too! What happened??

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From the

Diary as of  5/4  – 5/13/10

5/4 Today Angelo appeared twice! I am so relieved. Apparently he has telepathic skills because I was really worried. He took his breakfast as usual, was sitting on my arm and looked at me as usual with his beautiful little face.

5/8 Today is day 17 and the breeding cycle would have been over but Pina – good girl – is still sitting on the plaster eggs. I am really glad about this.

5/9 Willy decided to sleep inside tonight. Apparently the weather was not to his liking so he prefered more comfort.

Pina vomitted a few peas and Winnie did a bit gagging as well. Did she eat something wrong?

5/10 I think Willy is going to sleep outside again. Should be no problem as we have a bit milder temperatures again.

Winnie started to peck at the sunflower hearts today. She cannot eat them yet but this is a very good sign that she is interested!

Angelo is missing again since a couple of days. Where is my little beautiful angel?

5/12 Willy disappeared this morning at 10.30! I am devastated. I am in shock.

I am totally deperate – our Willy is missing. He has not returned since yesterday lunchtime.

Yesterday early morning he came in as usual after he had spent the night on the balcony again, took his breakfast, walked a bit with Pina in the livingroom and then flew up on the board in the bookshelf where he often sits with Pina, perched there till 10.30 and then flew out. Pina was sitting on the eggs again. I assumed that he would just take a round and then come back again to switch with Pina but he did not. It became evening and he still wasn’t back.

I spend a terrible night and was hoping to see him this morning again but Willy did not appear. It is nearly lunchtime now and I hardly can write this…

First I was convinced that something terrible must have happened to him but in the meanwhile I rather think that he was simply fed up. He longed for Pina or Winnie to accompany him outside but as they are both not releasable yet I could not do this. As the regular breeding cycle is over since last Saturday I assume that he knew quite well that he would not have any babies so he probably decided to leave.

Willy is a very intelligent bird and very clever. He loves to be father – remember the story with Pina and Peppi. I am sure that he did not have a new PMV attack although this thought went through my head also as so many other terrible things I cannot even describe. But as I said, he is a very strong bird, very fast and an excellent flyer. So I really don’t think that he was caught by a raptor nor did he have an accident.

Still I am terribly sad, I am crying since yesterday and feel as if someone has cut something out of my heart. Willy is such a special bird to me as you all know – therefore this is simply unbelievable. I honestly would not have thought that he would leave Pina but on the other hand I have read that this sometimes happens, that a cock leaves the hen when the eggs do not hatch.

I am also terribly sad for Pina and Winnie because they both lose their mate for the second time now. I don’t know what consequences this will have on Pina’s and Winnie’s recovery. When I stood at the balustrade this morning and was feeling so desperate it was so sweet that Paulchen and even Mr. Bossy came totally near to my face. Mr.Bossy even picked at my sleeve as if he wanted ot say “hey don’t be so sad – we are here!” But at the moment even this does not help. It’s a déja vu. Remember last October when Peppi disappeared?

The terrible feeling not knowing what really happened is nearly unbearable. These birds are like kids for me as I have none. The relationship with Willy was a very special one right from the beginning when he crawled out of the egg. He was our first baby. And then all those months between hope and fear when he was so sick is nothing you just pack away. Since 5 weeks he was free again, healthy and strong. And now he is gone. If he only is well… but the not-knowing is nearly unbearable…

5/13 I am still so devastated that I can hardly do anything else than looking for Willy.

Pina – thank heaven – is eating still. Not like the last time when Peppi disappeared and she got so depressed that she was hardly eating. But from time to time she calls out for Willy and it is a heartbreaking sound. We try to play with her as much a spossible so that she does not feel so alone. It also helps that Jimi and Alice are coming in to get their meals and also Flecky. So they have at least a little bit of social life!

Pina left her plaster eggs (after 21 days).

Where is my Willy and where is Angelp. It is unblievable but he is missing also!!!???

These were the last happy pictures from Willy and Pina:



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