Pigeon Tales

September 18, 2010

Sunbathing in the Box and this and that…

From the

Diary as of  4/8  – 4/21/10

4/8 Winnie and Pina were sitting together on their “sun balcony”.  So I decided to take Pina out in her box of course to get her some sun. As the plastic is clear the sunshine is getting through the walls but the draft is kept out. So it is nicely warm inside the box despite the rather low temperatures outside. Pina  became so excited that she vomited a bit. Today she is eating like a little piggy.

Strangely Willy is reluctant to go out today. Maybe he was afraid to get in on time again because we were away yesterday and the balcony door closed.

4/9 Willy went out and came in again on time for the egg sitting.

Paulchen is limping again – I have to catch him again and check on his foot.

4/10 Willy decided this evening to sleep outside on the balcony although it is quite cold. We will see how it goes tomorrow. I cannot force him to come it. Maybe he wants to preapre himself for living outside…

Pina is jealous while Alice and Jimi are feeding inside – playing Woody Woodpecker…

Hardly could believe this when I watched them today. Jimi and Alice came in for breakfast as usual, going to their sandbox and foodbowl and started to eat. Pina came, apparently jealous and not amused that “they” were eating what she thinks is hers and then started this:

4/11 Weighing day:

Winnie  356 gr and  Pina 358 gr

4/16 Pina finally left her plaster eggs, she was sitting on them for  25 days. This is a nice pause till the next cycle.

4/18 Today is Sunday and weighing day again – this time for all 3 of them:

Pina 346 gr, Winnie 360 gr, Willy 360 gr

This is truly not bad! I am quite content with this!

4/19 I took Pina and Winnie out on the balcony into the sunshine. They definitely need fresh air and sunshine for their further healing process. See how Willy and Pete check their boxes – very funny….

4/20 Pina is losing weight – I think she does not eat enough by herself. So I may have to tube feed her again at least once a day.

4/21 Pina is laying eggs again – her first egg is #9 and she is weighing 341 gr – so lost again a few grams.  I have to do something about it before it is getting worse.

Emma is also laying again:  egg  #44



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