Pigeon Tales

September 17, 2010

Willy released into Freedom!

From the

Diary as of  4/1  – 4/7/10

4/1 Good  day – Pina is making good progress.

Jimi and Alice came in twice for feeding – it is quite cold outside again – only 5 °C.

4/2 Like the Royal couple Jimi and Alice are marching in to take their meals inside. It is so funny and it makes me incredibly happy.

And here they are taking their breakfast as usual:

Winnie is quite sleepy today but I suppose it is the relatively cold weather again although today it is better than yesterday.

Pina flew little circles today and she is getting better and better. There was a scary moment though  when I was sitting at the computer I heard suddenly a loud noise – Pina apparently bumped her head while landing with a little accident – she shook her head wildly and made strange movements for a short while but then she behaved normal again and everything seemed to be okay again. Oh my – this is not what I need at the moment…

4/3 Jimi and Alice do not only pop in now and again but they wait at the balcony door twice a day to be left in and get their meals That's too funny

Today even Jimi jumped into the box of Willy (thank heavens he – Willy –  did not see this because he was sitting on Pina’s eggs) and had to be convinced that he could not stay there That's too funny . It is really amazing. My partner came in from his training on the balcony and behind him 2 little pigeons coming in as well – what a picture! They are not getting nervous a tiny bit when I close the door behind them. No-one – who is not familiar with pigeons – would believe me!!! Hmmm

4/6 I let Willy out for the first time!

Since 2 days he was getting really too fidgety, flying from one place to another here in the  livingroom. With a heavy heart I therefore decided this morning to open the balcony door and let him fly. I did not know whether he would come back for food, whether he would continue with egg sitting in exchange with Pina, I did not know anything besides that he wanted so very much to fly again – so I let him.

He flew to the balustrade and you could see that he hardly believed his luck. And off he was to the opposite building. After half an hour he was back again, walking inside as if nothing had happened and took his breakfast. After that he went off again. Like a clock he was back again at the time he ususally takes over egg sitting. I was impressed!!! I openend the balcony door, he came in, I closed the door, he went to the nest, greeted Pina and went straight away to the eggs. I was impressed again.

In the late afternoon Willy wanted to fly out again – showing this to me while he flew from one point to another in the appartment – so I let him out again, wondering whether he would come back in the evening. Of course he did!!! What a bird, what a responsible mate and father. I think some humans could take him as a role model. That's too funny


Winnie had her real first bath today – which means I did not put her into the water but she jumped into it all by herself and how she enjoyed it. She put half of my livingroom under water – so much she was enjoying herself and me too watching her. She started her bath 4 times – drying herself in between and then decided to get back for another bath. I have never seen this with another pigeon. Apparently she felt veeeeeery dirty. It was very funny.

Of course I had to play the watch dog again because Pina bathed as well and of course there was a competition going on who was going to use the bath first and then immedetiately the beaks talked as usual – 2 little princesses had their dispute and I had to put my hand between so that no-one poked at the eyes of the other. Well – that was exciting again and now they are all tired…. Hang in there

4/7 I am so happy because Willy is happy again. You could see that. And today it was just the same: he flew out in the early morning, came back for breakfast – btw. together with Jimi and Alice – went out again and we went shopping. Before lunchtime we were back and after 5 minutes or so Willy appeared on the balcony to switch duty with Pina again.

Now we have only Pina and Winnie left to fully recover and it looks good at the moment. I wonder what will happen when Pina AND Winnie are out again. Will Willy have a ménage à trois? Boy – this will be really exciting.

I am so relieved. I would never have thought that Willy would ever be the former Willy again but he is – fully. My goodness and he was near to death. What a transformation. I could not be happier about this. Hip Hip Hooray Happy Dance Happy Dance Celebrate ThrilledWhat a responsible pigeon father!

I cannot even describe my feelings nor can I tell you the thousand thoughts that rushed through my head when I let Willy free. I can ony repeat – I had a very heavy heart. But after it went so well I am really calm now and the fact that I see them every day several times helps a lot. The way they come in for breakfast lets me hope that they would come if they need help again.

And here is some more good news: Pina is sitting on the (plaster)eggs now for the 19th day – which means she has already completed a full breeding cycle and given her body some peace. Watching her how she arranges the nest and how she pushes the eggs under her belly again, using even her wings to make it right just lets my heart melt. She is very caring.

On a downside she is still stargazing, some days worse, some better and although she can fly her flights/landings are not always to the point. Although she thinks she is ready to go outside she is definitely not. So I have to be very careful that she does not escape. The positive side again is that she is fully able to eat by herself again although I am still continuing to tubefeed her in the morning and peas for lunch because I find her still a bit too light. She is simply not eating enough by herself. So a lot of patience is still needed.



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