Pigeon Tales

September 16, 2010

Alice and Jimi are released into Freedom!

I am hopelessly behind the entries again but you can be sure that nothing got lost. I try to catch up in the next weeks and let you know what happened in the meanwhile….

From the

Diary as of  3/21  – 3/31/10

3/21 Today is weighing day again:

Pina – 330 gr, Alice – 295 gr, Winnie – 340 gr

This doesn’t look too bad – does it? I am quite happy about this.

3/21 Pina laid her first egg #7 – I wonder what will happen this time.

3/24 Pina laid her second egg #8. Two perfect little eggs – what a pity that I have to replace them with plaster eggs again.

3/25 Emma laid egg #42 – apparently there is a competition going on here????

But there is something absolutely new:  Pina is sitting on her eggs and breeding!!! I hardly can believe this. Could it be that everything is going its normal way now? That would be so marvellous!

3/26 Pina is still sitting on her eggs and I am quite confident that this time it will work because Willy started to breed as well!!!!

3/27 Could hardly sleep – as I intend to release Jimi and Alice tomorrow. How will they manage their new life? Will they be off and gone, glad to escape their month long captivity?? So many questions and fears…

Emma laid her  egg #43 (not fertile) – this is happening for the first time now. Her both eggs have been fertile always.

3/28 Wanted to release Jimi amd Alice today but postponed it – the weather was not good enough. There must be at least dry and a bit sunny weather for this important moment. I don’t want them to become sick again due to bad weather conditions. What is another day here?

3/29 THE BIG DAY: Jimi and Alice are released into freedom! They are soooo happy….

Remember the little video when their love story began?

And here is the little video of their release:

Winnie is doing better each day also. She has started to peck at the seeds and learned the trick that Alice used as well: pecking at small seeds and then throwing her head backwards to be able to swallow. Her head tremors have disappeared entirely. As I let her out of her box each day also she can train her flight muscles as well and she does. Also she is training her leg muscles by jumping up and down on and from her box. Clever pijjies – they exactly know what to do for their rehabilitation. Simply amazing Right on Way To Go

What is really sweet is that Willy often sits in front of her box and “talks” to her. Unfortunately he is still too rude to leave them both together.

3/30 Jimi and Alice are doing very well – eating like crazy when they came for breakfast. I was so happy to see them so soon again. Oh my what a feeling!

3/31 As if it were the most natural thing to do – Jimi and Alice are coming for breakfast again. Apparently they are doing very well.

I hardly had time yesterday to do anything else but watching both. You really could see how happy they were and how they loved to fly free again. They stopped many times on the balcony which made me very happy as I had feared that they would be off and gone. But the contrary happened – they took a snack here from time to time and they slept during the night on the balcony!

Today it was even better: both came in as if this were the most natural thing to do and really had their meal here. When I was feeding Angelo in the late morning – he always jumps on my arm while I am holding the food bowl and cannot stand when another pijjie wants to eat there too – his Mama is all his!!! That's too funny That's too funny That's too funny – Jimi jumped on my other arm – yes I have two – and both pijjies ate from the food bowl.

I watched Alice eating from the ground together with the others – so I was so relieved that they picked up their normal life. I wonder what will happen tonight and during the next days. The weather forecast is not so good for the next days but I am sure now that Jimi and Alice will manage it.



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