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July 24, 2010

The Love Story between Jimi and Alice

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From the

Diary as of 3/20/10

Alice – she is a real little devil. She totally seduced Jimi who has completely fallen for her. They are both a couple now. Each day both were fighting with Willy who is definitely a little poop and troublemaker. So I decided today to give them (Jimi and Alice) a little nest besides Jimi’s box and we have finally peace now – Idea/thought nutter
I think Alice is soon ready to be released. And Jimi as well. I only want to make sure that both are eating completely by themselves and enough. At the moment they are not quite ready yet but I am watching them. I have cut the handfeeding down to tubefeeding in the morning still because of the fluid and vitamins and all the other nutriments in the baby cereal and some peas for lunch – nothing else. I want to release them together so that they have a better life together. We will see. But I am very happy about this development.

Here are some photos of Alice and Jimi – sitting on/in Jimi’s box together:

And this is a photo of Jimi and how he started to torture the carpet so that I decided to give them a nest:

I have NO idea

And here is a little video about Jimi and Alice:



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