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July 11, 2010

First String Injury – Paulchen

From the

Diary as of  3/12  – 3/20/10

3/12 Giving extra calcium is now finished.

Pina and Willy worked on the nest – I cut dry Beaucarnea leaves because they are pretty long – was funny to watch them run to and fro all the time.

Fed all of them but I gave them – besides Winnie – reduced meals – they shall learn to peck themselves. Let Winnie out of her box today – she is still quite weak but much more vivid.
Pina is still pecking at me and my feet especially. If it would not hurt so much it were quite funny. But this little monster knows exactly where it hurts most. On the other hand it is her game and I have to be brave… 😆
Winnies seizures have subsided.

3/18 Since a couple of days I was watching one of our feral balcony pijjies who was limping awfully due to a severe string injury. It became worse with every day. Several times I tried to catch Paulchen – that’s his name – but everything failed. Today finally I was lucky – could lure him into the living room with food and could close the door behind him so he was trapped. Catching him inside was easy (have enough training in the meanwhile – That's too funny )

He had several threads entangeled around his both feet whereas one foot was not in danger but 2 toes of his left foot were already swollen and I could see that the threads were cutting deep into his flesh. So it was really necessary to get rid of the stuff as quickly as possible.

Thank heaven I managed with the help of my partner who held the bird to carefully cut off all the stuff – it took quite a while but with some small nail scissors and some tweezers I finally managed to get all the stuff out. Only one toe looked quite awful, starting to change colour already and definitely with some pus in it. The second toe had also some pus around the cut but did not look that bad. Also the whole foot was very hot.

I soaked some cottonwool with arnica and put it around the foot for a while – hope that it helped with the pain a bit. Afterwards I soaked the toes with Bachflower Rescue drops which help the healing process quickly. I have done that when Pina and Peppi were attacked by that evil pigeon last year when they were still babies.

After giving Paulchen some rest I gave him a big portion of baby cereal with applesauce via syringe and now he seems to be quite content: sitting comfortably in his little box.
Tomorrow I will check whether he can be released again. I am sure his mate is waiting desperately for him.

Here are some fotos after the treatment:

3/19 Normally it would have been better to apply antibiotic creme on the inflammated part of the toe but as usual you get no antibiotics in Germany without prescription. So you have to pay the vet and you have to pay for the creme although a vet would not have done anything different. I am saving this money.

Paulchen became so fidgety this morning, missing his wife awfully that I released him this morning and he went immediately to his mate. How happy he was – I could see. He is still limping but not as bad as before.
A bit later when I was feeding Angelo on the balcony Paulchen even jumped on my other arm opposite Angelo and had his breakfast too. While he was sitting there I could see that the deep cut on the middle toe had already closed. Hip Hip Hooray

I think that the emotional side plays a big role in healing with birds too – just the same with humans. So it would have been a negative impact if I had him longer inside I think. I will see how it goes in the next days…

3/20 Paulchen is still limping – but his middle toe looks good – the other toe though, the real bad one, is still swollen. So I might have to catch him again.

I gave Jimi and Alice also a nest after Jimi started with lobster tailing after Alice like crazy… What is going on here???



  1. So happy you managed to get the string of Paulchen’s foot. I caught a young pigeon with thread around both its feet, causing it to hobble. Thankfully the thread wasn’t cutting into its feet so after removing the thread I released the pigeon immediately to join its flock. Too many pigeons have missing toes and feet because of horrible string and thread!!

    “…after Jimi started with lobster tailing after Alice like crazy…”

    That’s exactly what the male pigeons look like!! 🙂 ‘Lobster tailing’ is a brilliant description! 🙂

    Comment by Rev — July 11, 2010 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

    • Revati, I am very happy too. I haven’t seen Paulchen for a couple of weeks and funnily yesterday he appeared for a very short visit on the balcony. He seemed very well. So I am happy.
      The expression “lobster tailing” is not from me though 😛 , someone on Pij’n Angels used it and I thought – how precisely this describes what they are doing!!!!

      Comment by pigeonwriter — July 12, 2010 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

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