Pigeon Tales

July 1, 2010

Poops firmed up and Pina is laying Eggs again

From the

Diary as of  3/6  – 3/11/10

3/6 Winnie is now hospitalized for 2 weeks. Astonishingly she eats everything with ease I feed her. Her appetite is really good. Feeding baby cereal in the morning, peas lunchtime and pellets in the evening now.

3/7 Alice is feeling so much better now.

3/8 Poops have really firmed up, the ones from Alice as well as those from Winnie.

It is very cold outside again – -11°C during the night. I am feeding like crazy the poor balcony pijjies. I am sure if I would not do this a lot of them would die.


3/9 Pina laid her first egg again – #5. This time I let her sit inside the cardboard box beneath the chair. All the hick hack between her regular box and the “nest” is not good – she is irritated.

3/10 Pina spent nearly the whole day on the nest. Should there be hope that she fulfillsa complete breeding cycle???

3/11 Pina laid her second egg #6. Now she is breeding although sometimes one of the eggs falls out of the nest so I have to put it back. Willy is still not very interested.
This evening Pina had a little seizure – apparently she fell asleep in the nest, woke up and could not recognize her new environment. She was totally irritaed, poor baby.  I went to her and stayed near her. After a little while she got calmer and went back into her nest.

Storm has finally subsided. All pijjies on the balcony are better now – still feeding a lot because of the masses of new snow again.



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