Pigeon Tales

June 29, 2010

Alice had her first bath

From the

Diary as of  3/1  – 3/5/10

3/1  There are not only bad news – Alice is definitely feeling much better. She did not only helicopter today but also tried to fly a bit. Not very successful yet but a beginning. Winnie had less seizures today. And none of the pijjies really seem to be sick – their behaviour is as usual, Willy is cheaky and playing the bad boy, so does Pina. Jimi is angry because he cannot get out and is grumping a lot. So altogether today was not a bad day but a better one. Additionally the sun was shining and we were on the bycicle for an hour.

3/2 Today I gave Alice her first bath. She was so much enjoying it – she got really silly – you know that expression they get when they feel so well. She started splashing around immediately and then sat in the warm water for quite a while. Only at the end she probably lost her balance – the water was quite deep for her – I had to save her from drowning as she was panicking a bit. Afterwards I had to wrap her up in a towel because she was soaking wet. But she was so content afterwards and wiggled with her wings each time I cam near her box. She is definitely on the way to recovery.

Look at these photos:


I also decided to keep the baytril currently for further emergencies because as Sunday was the last day where I could give her the medicine (it was the 5th day) – the gap is potentially too big now to continue the medication. I do not want to overmedicate her.

I have fed her baby cereal twice the day and once defrosted peas the last few days and her poop has improved dramatically. First thing in the morning all of the pijjies are still getting chamomille tea to clean their crops – just in case. I also started to let Alice out of the box regularly so that she can do her exercises and she does. She is helicoptering and today she even flew on top of my working table. She has also started to peck at the seeds and is able to eat the one or other small piece. So I consider this as a dramatic improvement. She also does not show any stargazing any more nor any other nervous symptoms.

Fed tea in the morning to all, later peas, and for supper apple baby cereal.

Winnie had bad circling – Willy is sitting on her box as if he wanted to comfort her.

3/4 Winnie is still circling a lot though and she is still very sick. But she also shows some signs of recovery as her head tremors are not that bad any more. I am still keeping a hot water bottle for her. On a positive side she was the only one who did not vomit once. She eats well and digests well. A lot of poop – which still looks a bit awful but is going in the right direction colourwise. So she might not have PMV altogether. But if she has I know what I have to expect. But I am quite confident that she will recover also completely. I think the tea I am giving her in the morning and the fluid nutrition is washing all the bacteria out of her body.

This is how it looks before Winnie is fed – wrapped up in her “batman” cape:

As an aside – Willy who was her mate before he got PMV – is often sitting on her box when he is not busy with Pina – as if he wants to comfort her. And sometimes – when Winnie starts one of her seizures – he starts pecking loudly on her cover until she stops as if he wants to tell her that it will be getting better soon. Isn’t this this amazing? I also have the feeling that Winnie feels better since she knows that her beloved Willy is near….



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