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June 13, 2010

Winnie is very sick and I need a Medication Plan

From the

Diary as of  2/21  – 2/28/10

2/21 I have a 5th pijjie hostpitalized – it is Winnie – the mate of Willy who is one of our PMVs. I think she’s got the same infection as Alice. I have watched her since a couple of days and knew she was sick also. I blame this awful winter for this. Today Winnie was hardly able to eat although she flew on my arm to eat from the bowl as she does each day. But she was only sitting there and could hardly eat anything. She again looked at me and I knew she needed help. Twice I tried to catch her today but failed (déja-vu??).

But I tried it with the food bowl again and when she was sitting on my arm again I veeeeeeery slowly moved backwards into the living room and my hubby was able to close the door. So we had her in and I could examine her closely. She must have lost quite some weight but thankfully not as bad as Alice. So I think a couple of days with the same treatment that Alice got the last days she might be okay again (as of 6/13 – this was a major error – she is still hospitalized!). Winnie has no visible canker and her mouth is pinkish as it should be. I cleared out one of my plastic boxes again (our appartment becomes a stock for plasticbags because everything is stored in bags now) – nutter – and thus prepared for her a nice hospital box where I could put a warm waterbottle beneath it. I think she already enjoys the warmth and safety.

We now have nearly our whole family inside – only Emma, Pete and Angelo are still outside, while Joey and Peppi are gone as you know.
Crazy but I feel much better now as I know that Winnie is safe and I can care for her now. Believe it or not nut this is a relief for me and I can relax much better.

I feel somehow nearly happy. Now I don’t need to worry any more – I have them all in and they can be treated and are safe.

Pina laid egg #4 – again she showed no interest.

I feel a bit exhausted but at least I can sleep well during the night. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully a nice one like today: sun was finally shining – still cold but the light was back. That helps tremendously.

Alice is holding on. She still gets 3x baby cereal and although she has not increased her weight any further I can feel that her keel bone is not so prominent any more and she has some flesh on her breast again. She is a very sweet patient, calm and very obedient. I hope so very much that the antibiotics will finally help her to become really healthy again. She tried a few times to flap her wings and I would like to let her out but I am afraid that she is still spreading bacteria and that is a no-no for our PMV pijjies. Alice is still urinating very much but the fluid hs become a bit more clear – not so terribly yellow-greenish any more. Does this mean that the bacteria are subsiding? Also she does not have any more seizures. Sometimes her head is still a bit slanted but this has considerably improved.

Winnie has definitely the same infection. Her poops look absolutely the same and she pees like crazy as well – very yellowish at the moment (see image below).

Today I have weighed her: 315 gr which is quite low for a pijjie her size and her keel bone is quite prominent too – so I think she has lost quite some weight as well but not as bad as Alice. So I caught her at the right time and I think she will recover speedier than Alice. Winnie has not shown any neurological symptoms so far.

Still waiting for the Baytril to arrive but maybe it will on Monday or Tuesday. I have to take action that this is not happening again. I had no luck so far to find a replacement product in Europe. Either they require a prescription or it is out of stock. I cannot order it from outside Europe as it won’t go through customs. Does anyone else have a source where I could order it from?

2/22 Emma laid egg #40!

2/23 The Baytril arrived from my friend. So here is the medication plan from tomorrow:

Pina Calc 1

2/24 Pina Calc 2 – Alice and Winnie Baytril 1 –

Emma laid  egg #41.

Willy and Pina had their first bath together since they are sick! (see photos below)

2/25 Pina Calc 3 – Alice and Winnie Baytril 2 – Jimi Spartrix 1 – yes, Jimi started to show some canker signs so I had to take action immediately!

2/26 Pina Calc 4 – Alice and Winnie Baytril 3 and Calc 1 – Jimi Spartrix 2

2/27 Alice and Winnie Baytril 4 and Calc 2 – Jimi Spartrix 3

2/28 Alice and Winnie Baytril 5 and Calc 3 – Pina and Willy Spartrix 1 – Winnie ConMac 1

Also: today is weighing day again:

Alice – 290 gr

Winnie – 320 gr

Jimi – 390 gr

Pina – 350 gr

Willy – 390 gr

Let Alice out for the first time – so that she could helicopter for some seconds. She apparently enjoyed being out of her “prison”.

Unfortunately I could apply the antibiotics only for 5 days instead of 7 because I had to split it between Winnie and Alice. My friend Cynthia is such angel. She wrote me detailed instructions and some more Baytril is on the way now. I only hope that it arrives soon so that there are not too many days between the medications.

I called the bird clinic here in Munich in order to try to get a prescription without handing my pijjies over to them. It was a disaster. The arrogant voice on the phone told me that it is impossible to get a prescription without showing them the birds for examination. And what then happens is clear: they would take the birds, either euthanize them or even use them for clinical tests. They are also an institute for avian research. I don’t trust them. They tell people they would take care and them release them again. Mon oeuil boom boom
I am sure I wouldn’t get the birds back. So this is not an option for me!

Here in Germany it is a mafia like system between vets and pharmacies. The whole bloody prescription thing is only a means to restrict people and patronize them. An easy means to guarantee the vet’s income. Of course there must be vets who really care and I cannot just damn them all but I haven’t found one yet who would not be interested in getting money first. Our system is wrong. Vets can make their own prices and be sure – they require a whole lot for every little sneeze.
No more! Mad

So I have to rely on you and on myself.

Here is the bottom line of the last week:

Alice – the sweet little pijjie is doing better at the bottom line but it is an up and down all the time. Sometimes she vomits a bit when I think it is getting better – then I have to put her back on baby cereal again. Her poop is still not looking very good but at least she is on 290 gr now (from 255 gr at the beginning). So I take this as a good sign. I assume that the antibiotics is not helping in this case. So patience is requested. I know that it will take a bit longer than I assumed to get her on track again. She does not drink as much as before and therefore her box is not getting as wet as before. The colour of her urinates is better though as well as from her poop which is much too wet still but does include the white urinates. I have eliminated the seeds from her box because each time when she ate some she vomitted them. Perhaps this was still the canker in her body – but the Spartrix I have given her for 5 days should have taken care of that. She does not have any leasions in mouth any more.
The overall impression she gives is much more liveliness and she is alert. Her eyes are clear and very curious looking. She is preening herself and since yesterday I let her out of her box because she also wants to train her flight muscles – helicoptering. I also wanted to see whether she can fly at all. She cannot. She also still shows stargazing from time to time but this has improved dramatically. But she seems to be much more happy and content since I let her out for a little while. She is a sweet little mouse.

Winnie – although she seems to have a lot of power still she is my little problem patient and I have the suspicion that she might have PMV too. She had lost a lot of weight until I could catch her but she is slowly catching up – she gained 10 gr which is not much but better than nothing. At least she did not vomit once but for safety I feed her only baby cereal at the moment with fruit and without milk powder because of the antibiotics.
Winnie shows quite a lot of seizures though – circling and slight tremors of her head – just as Willy had but not as strong – thank heaven. So it might still not be PMV altogether. Many infections show similar symptoms. Her poop is also still quite unsatisfying – just like Alice’s – but is slightly improving. Not so wet any more and the colour has changed a bit too. Today I have put her on Conium maculatum – I still have some medication from Cynthia left from Pina’s seizures. So we will see whether it makes a difference.
Both patients receive fluid calcium in the evening while I fed the antibiotics in the early morning so that this does not “meet” (acc. to Cynthia’s instructions) in their crops.

Winnie still needs a lot of warmth which I supply via water bottle but at least she does not have any cold feet any more as at the beginning. She is a real amazon and each time I reach into her box I get a hard wing slap. But when she has her seizures and I put her into her batman cape and hold her on my chest, she becomes totally entranced and behaves like a sweet angel baby. Sometimes she does some helicoptering in her box also and is quite alert and regularly preening. I take this as a good sign as well.

And here are the photos of Willy and Pina, taking their first bath since they are sick:




  1. Medication for birds.

    I have companion birds, and use colloidal silver as a general purpose anti biotic. It is about $40 for a 2 ounce bottle at any health food store or you can buy a kit and generate it for pennies an ounce.

    I give my birds about 7 drops per ounce of drinking water once a week. If sick you can administer directly to the bird with the dropper, and even use it as a topical for cuts and infections.

    Hope this helps with your search for anti-biotics.

    Comment by Thomas Swist — July 10, 2010 @ 3:38 am | Reply

    • Thank you Thomas. This is a very good tip and I will keep this in mind. Thank heavens I have some wonderful pigeon lovers as friends who helped me tremendously!

      Comment by pigeonwriter — July 11, 2010 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

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