Pigeon Tales

June 9, 2010

Winnie is sick also and Alice is nearly dying and Pina flies!

from the

Diary as of  2/14  – 2/20/10

2/14 Pina made her first big jump today. After she bumped her foot yesterday and was limping everything was okay again today. So she took all her courage, jumped out of her box this morning all by herself and then climbed up the cushion besides my little coffe table, climbed on the box on top of that table and looked down, checking, looking again, thinking, taking measure and then suddenly took all her courage and simply jumped down and landed…quite safely. Better than our little former crash pilot Willy who regularly landed on his head or on his wing EEK.  Height was approx. 1 m. Not bad – isn’t it?

This means to me that she is getting more confident and might possibly fly soon again too. She is training her balance and running around a lot, curious to look into all corners and tries to find new hiding places. What on earth shall I do when I have 3 flying pijjies in our appartment. No need for dusting any more – the birdies will do this – as if I am not busy enough crawling on my knees over the carpets the whole day to remove their little green presents ….. Rolling eyes

I weighed Alice this morning and she has gained 25 gr within one week which I take as a very  good sign. She has now 285 gr. The lesion in her mouth has disappeared.
Her poop’s consistency has not changed much yet but the colour is a bit more normal and her urinates are more clear than that terrible green colour. She is still urinating very much i.e. she drinks quite a lot but I think this is coming from the relatively sweet baby cereal formula.

What irritated me today was that she had a short seizure like stargazing and a sort of cramp twice but this lasted only for about 20 seconds and was gone again. I had put her box besides Jimi’s at the window so that she got some daylight and could look outside to see the other pijjies. Maybe this agitated her too much? I really don’t know. Can neurological disorder be an epiphenomenon of canker? I don’t dare to think about PMV.

On the other hand Alice started to peck in her foodbowl and I have seen her eating a few grains which she did not vomit. And she wiggled with her wings when she saw me. She is more alert now and looks quite curiously into her interim environment.

2/15 Last night the whole situation was becoming dramatic and I thought Alice was going to die. After she was doing so well besides her little seizures I checked her in her box before going to sleep late in the night and found her lying on her side in the corner of her box, her head completely twisted and the paper beneath her completely wet. I already thought that she was dead because she did not move.

With trembling hands I took her out, wrapped her up in a towel and stroked her softly. Her feet were cold. After a while she seemed to feel a bit better. So I cleaned her box, put a new waterbottle under her box, put her back in again and laid her head on the little saucer wrapped in kitchenpaper that I am using for them to perch on. Soon she seemed to fall asleep. I honestly did not expect her to make it through the night.

At 7 am This morning I checked her box with very mixed feeling but there she was still, looking at me but seemed to be very weak. So I gave her 10 ml baby cereal with chamomille tea, Blachflower Rescue drops and some holy ash from Sai Baba mixed in her cereal. Afterwards she had a twisted head again and needed some seconds for orientation and then fell asleep again. I was afraid that she might vomit but she did not. After an hour or so she definitely felt better, even drank from her bowl and wiggled with her wing. 2 hours later I gave her a second portion of the baby cereal and increased it to 20 ml. She ate this without problems.

In the early afternoon I gave her another 10 ml and I saw her even perching on her little saucer with straight head.

I don’t dare to give a prognosis but I very much hope that she conquered this crisis. I just cannot cope with another problem pijji. It is really getting too much now… Not feeling well Even if I wanted I could not drive to the dreaded vet right now because it is too cold and I have no snow tires.

So what should I do else? I have NO idea
Should she get some antibiotics? The problem is that I don’t get these without prescription. A nasty situation. Disappointed But I have my friends at Pij’n Angels.

2/16 On a positive side, Willy is making the artistic clown and enjoys us with his flying tricks:

Emma left her plaster eggs and I am desperately trying to get some antibiotics.

2/17 Alice seems to have conquered her crisis and I very much hope that this was the last one. Her seizures have subsided considerably, as well as her stargazing. I still feed her with baby cereal, adding holy ash and Rescue drops. No vomit. Drinking quite a lot still but not as much as before. Her poops have changed from mushy ugly green to formed spaghetti like poop but different from PMV poop it also shows some white urinates as well as yellowish fluid. Will show photos tomorrow.

I keep her warm, a water bottle below her box is keeping the inside nicely warm. She has warm feet again and her eyes are not sunken any more. As soon as the Baytril arrives that a friend is sending me I will start the medication according to the instructions.

2/18 More drama but positive:  Pina is flying!

2/19 Pina laid egg #3 – but again no interest in it.

2/20 I am still waiting for the medication to arrive but Alice is still hanging on and seems to feel slightly better. I see her a bit preening from time to time and she has started to peck at me when I put my hand into her box. So slowly a little more life is returning to her. She also started to flap her wings as if she wanted to leave….

She also must have increased her weight – tomorrow is weighing day for everybody again and we will see. But I can feel her belly – it feels much better than before – there is some substance again not only an empty sac of feathers as she felt before. Today she even got 20 homemade pellets and she did NOT vomit them. I wanted to check whether she was able to take solid food again – and she was!!!! Jumpin for joy
Her poop has not changed though very much and she is still drinking like crazy. Several times a day I have to change the papers in her box because everything is wet. But I think it is good – this way she gets the bacteria out of her body.

Winnie is sick – I caught her quite easily and took her in.



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