Pigeon Tales

June 8, 2010

Pina ignores her Eggs and Alice is getting better

From the

Diary as of  2/9  – 2/13/10

2/9 Like a clock Pina laid her second egg in the box and completely ignored it again. What can I do? Nothing. I tried to give them plaster eggs in their “nest” beneath the chair but neither Willy nor Pina were interested. So I took them away again. What can I do?

2/10 Alice is already defending her box when Willy becomes nasty and pecks at her box walls.  This means for me that she feels safe and at home. Willy is really a little brat – he tried to crawl beneath the towel I have put over her box  in order to peck at her through the handle holes.

Alice’s mouth looks much better: no nodule any more and the red colour has changed into a lighter pink.  This means the inflammation has become much better – so the Spartrix really seems to do its job. Her weight is 255 gr – so I was right that she is approx. half the weight of Pina. Alice is really light as a feather – I hardly notice her weight when I hold her.

I fed her 3 syringes à 20 ml baby cereal today and she was such a sweet patient. Today she was more vivid, made herself comfortable in her little box and even “defended” her little room when Willy started to go on the rampage. He did not like it at all that we have Alice now. He jumped on her “roof”, trampled on the cover, jumped down then up again, tried to peck her through the wall and tried to get through the holes of the handles. He really cooed in dismay with his coarse voice and Alice cooed back as if she wanted to tell him to get lost.

So I take this as a good sign for her.

I am thinking about giving her a few pellets tomorrow in addition to her baby cereal. But I am not sure whether this would be the right thing for her. I don’t want her to vomit again.

2/11 Willy plays a new game: feeding is normally at 5 °clock –  and exactly at 5 °clock he jumps on the table! Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!

I gave Alice some pellets this lunch to see whether her stomac is working again and because she seemed to feel quite well. But an hour later she vomitted some pellets again. So it is definitely too early still. But her mouth looks normal again and her little feet are not cold any more.

I suppose that the canker is hidden deeper in her crop because when I slowly drew back the tube this morning after feeding there was a tiny bit blood at the end of the tube. I might have accidently touched a nodule and dislocated it. I have not seen any blood later on in the vomit nor in her poop. So this might have been a minor issue.

2/12 Willy flies back to his box deliberately!!!! Twice!!!! I think he is going to become a trained poudle although he tries to prove himself he has everything under control.

Li’l Alice has gained 5 gr but her poop is still looking awful. Today she received her 5th Spartrix which should be  the last.

Today – checking Alice’s mouth as usual – I have realized that she still has a lesion on the side of her mouth – no nodule – but a lesion. Also her poop still looks awful as on Tuesday morning.  This means for me that the canker is still there.

2/13 Pina bumped her left foot – she is limping:  click clack click clack….

The lesion in Alice’s mouth looked better this morning – still a bit reddish but definitely better than yesterday. Her poop continues to be awful though but at least there are some formed pieces in it now, not this terrible mushy stuff only (see photo below)

I am still feeding baby ceral but I also gave her a little pot with oatmeal flakes and millet. I also stopped to give her Spartrix. She is a bit more vivid today and looks out of the window. I have put her box beside Jimi’s so that she has a bit company, can enjoy the daylight and even a tiny bit sunshine.

The poop reminds me of PMV poop though – should I be worried? I really don’t know. Alice has not shown any PMV-like symptoms yet.



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