Pigeon Tales

May 30, 2010

New Patient with Canker and? – Alice

From the

Diary as of  2/8/10

You will not believe this but we have now another sick pigeon in our “hospital”. I think our small appartment is really transforming into a pigeon hospital but what can I do? Hmmm And she has canker. And what else? We named her Alice.

Since a couple of days I was watching a little pijjie on our balcony, very small, surely a female who often perched aside from the others, a bit puffed up all the time (it looked somehow different from the others although it is very cold again at the moment), eating with the others but still – something was not right. Two days ago I tried to catch her in order to check her out but she was still too quick and flew away.

Yesterday afternoon I finally could grab her with an old T-shirt and brought her in. I had realized that one of the pijjies – I did not know which one – had vomitted on the balcony (now I am sure it was her, little Alice).

First I checked her mouth – there was one yellow nodule but her whole mouth looked inflamed, little lesions as if there had been other canker nodules and it was really red not healthy pink. Her throat seemed to be clear though. So I gave her a Spartrix and a little bit of water. I checked her for any injuries, checked her plumage for parasites but everything seemed to be okay. Then I cleaned one of my tool boxes and put her in it with a warm water bottle beneath her box and let her have her peace.

An hour later I gave her 10 ml baby cereal. Two hours later another 10 ml. I also gave her a little dish with seeds and a waterbowl of course. The bowl with the seeds was a mistake because in the night she tried to eat some of the seeds and started vomitting again. So I had to clean everything again and took out the seed bowl.

Alice is such a sweet little pijjie, tiny and very emaciated. Her keel bone is really sticking out and I think she has only half the weight of little monster Pina although I haven’t weighed her yet. I think she was in pain yesterday because she stood with her back and tail feathers bent down which is a symptoms for pain in the digestive tract. She was so calm and trusted me apparently with anything I did with her. She did not fight once. Amazing!

Today she seemed to feel much better. I gave her another Spartrix and fed her every 2 hours again with baby cereal. She drank quite a lot by herself so she was probably dehydrated. Also her mouth felt like paper – very dried out. Her poop was quite mushy of course but considering that she is sick not too bad. Yesterday it smelled a tiny bit fishy so I knew it must be canker. She even started preening a bit today – so I think she might recover soon.

I will check her weight tomorrow and when the inflamation in her mouth is gone and she has put on some weight and when the temperatures outside are better again – then she will be released again. Hopefully…


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