Pigeon Tales

May 29, 2010

Cutting Nails and vomiting again…

From the

Diary as of  2/4  – 2/7/10

2/4 Had to cut nails on all of them. I was afraid that the long nails would cause some defective position of their toes. I took a nail clipper, checked very carefully where the blood veins were ending and it went very well without any bleeding. The nails had become too long because they run on carpets all the time and although I have given Jimi a bit flat coarse stone it is not enough to keep their nails short enough.

2/6 This evening it was really difficult to catch Willy. The silly little chap flew from the board on the bookshelf on  top of the closet and always tried to escape. I was afraid he would get so tired that he would hurt himself. Finally I got him in the cardboard box Pina and Peppi were always sitting in on top of the closet. I threw a towel on the box – and there he was little Willy in the trap.

I am a bit worried again – Pina and Willy were vomitting during the night. Not much only 3-4 peas and pellets but mostly peas. Today I did not give them any peas at all. Will see what happens tonight. I cannot explain where this is coming from. I thought the reason why they were vomiting was perhaps lack of fluid. I had stopped giving them tea in the morning a few days ago and fed them directly with pellets and peas, hoping that they were drinking enough during the day. It would have been a tremendous time saving thing for us. I put the vitamins directly on the pellets. The next day they both started vomiting a few pellets and peas. It became less when I started the “tea in the morning” again but it did not stop entirely yet.

Willy is definitely not drinking enough – Pina does and Jimi does. So I have to carry on the tea method until they are “behaving” normal again.

2/7 Today was weighing day:

Willy – 400gr and Pina – 415 gr (these weights are all wrong because of an old analog scale as of 5/28/10).

Pina laid her first egg during last night but she completely ignores it and apparently does not know what to do with it….???????

Today I only fed the pellets . No peas – no vomitting. Strange.

Now look at this little bugger:



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