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May 28, 2010

Willy becomes Pina’s Mate and Jimi is also interested

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From the

Diary as of  1/31  – 2/3/10

1/31 It’s weighing day again:

Pina – 385 gr and Willy ~ 400 gr

I don’t monitor Jimi any more – maybe once a month or every 2-3 weeks. I think more often is not necessary. Pina has gained another 5 gr and Willy has to be re-done tomorrow because he fidgeted so much in the bag that I could not get a real number. I did not want to stress him more.

Willy and Pina are definitely a couple now. They often cuddle in their nest beneath the chair and are making noises. So sweet. I wonder whether Pina is really going to lay eggs soon. I hope not  because she is still much too young – just 6 months. This is too early!
All three are doing their wing muscle training and yesterday and today we had a little bit of sunshine and although it is still quite cold I thought our 3 need a bit of sunshine so I took their boxes outside on the balcony and let them have some fresh air and some sunshine for half an hour or so while I sat there on a chair. The other pijjies were very curious to see their fellows and vice versa. I think our little gang enjoyed this very much and I think it helps with the recovery as well. After that little visit outside they were all so tired that I could put them to bed very easily.

One young squeaker outside even jumped on the cover of Willy’s box and picked on the plastic. How cheeky. Willy could hardly believe this impertinence and cooed loudly. Was very funny.

I am now confronted with a new little “problem” and I am not sure what I should do:
Willy is mating with Pina EEK EEK EEK
She is just 6 months old and I fear that she may be ready to lay eggs. The point is that I am afraid that this might request too much energy from her which she needs for her recovery as she is still stargazing a lot and circling from time to time. On the other hand when I separate her from Willy she is crying for him all the time (he is getting upset as well) and has a lot of stress also.
I have given them both a cardboard box which is on the floor beneath a chair and I put a flat basket into it with lots of stripes of kitchenpaper. They consider this as their nest and love to sit in it often for a long time side by side. It makes them happy and they are busy with one another so that they don’t get bored.

Shall I separate them or not? I am not sure what to do confused
I tend to leave them together because it might help their recovery – at least Willy’s because he seems to be quite content without doing too much nonsense. In the early evening they are separated after feeding anyway…

2/1 Lilly has left the little nest and her plaster egg. I think she knows now that it is not going to hatch but she returns sporadically to the nest. I cleaned it up and put some new hay in it.

2/2 Pina has a second admirer: Jimi. He has always refused her when she came too near – suddenly he wants to do the mating dance with her and Pina seems to be a bit shocked.

I have disassembled pigeon city further to give Pete a chance to have his peace again. These rotten neighbours are really a pest. So we have only Lilly sitting in her nest now, 2 youngsters sleeping in pigeon city and Mr. Bossy who is always near his Lilly. Also Schlomskaja is sitting still on her plaster eggs in Winnie’s former nest.

2/3 Lilly and Mr. Bossy are cuddling in their little nest again. I think she is going to lay eggs soon again.

Winnie left her nest today too but during the night she is still sleeping there. Bubi is still around and I wonder whether Winnie is going to “use” him for the second egg round again….

This is Mr. Bossy (a pigeon man who will drive us nuts!!!!! but we did not know at this point)

This is Miss Lilly:



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