Pigeon Tales

May 11, 2010

An unusual Discovery

From the

Diary as of  1/24  – 1/30/10

1/24 Since 3 days Pina is circling heavily during the night again so I gave her a warm water bottle in the evening again. We will see whether this helps.

They had their bath again today – the 2 gentlemen: Willy enjoyed it very much – I have never seen him so wet. First they did not want to bathe then Willy went in and of course Jimi wanted too – so I had to seperate them – again.

It was funny to watch – I had to hold Pina though so that she was not in danger to drown but it was still good for her – her little feet were finally clean again

What I discovered today:

Two or three weeks ago I reported that Willy vomitted and I had to put him on baby cereal again. The reason for his vomitting was not the sickness/PMV it is much simpler: he cannot tolerate peanuts. Yesterday before I fed them all a few peanuts in addition to their regular pea/pellets diet in order to waken their taste to other food again and Willy vomitted the peanuts – and only the peanuts. Now Idea/thought I knew. When he vomitted some time ago I had grinded peanuts in the pellets – no wonder!!!

It has never come into my mind that birds may have some intolerances regarding their food just the same way as humans. Stupid me!!! Now the mystery is lifted – no peanuts in any form for Willy and everything’s okay. Later on I discovered that Pina has the same problem too! Crazy isn’t it?

Btw – Willy managed to fly on top of the closet this evening Happy Dance . He had to work hard to reach the top but he made it. This means he is getting stronger and stronger which of course makes it more and more difficult for me to have him under control as a consequence Heaven help me . But isn’t this a wonderful achievement?

1/25 Today is weighing day again:

Pina……..380 gr

Willy……..395 gr

Jimi……….430 gr

Willy was in such a miserable state at the beginning that I feared that he would never recover again. He’s gained another 10 gr within the last week and is on 395 gr now. What a relief for me. At the beginning he probably had no more than 330 gr – as thin as he was.
Pina has gained another 5 gr and weighs 380 gr now (but she is still very young, just 6 months and is still growing), Jimi stayed the same – 430 gr. This has not changed during the last 3 weeks now which tells me that he has his normal weight now. (Later I discovered that these figures were all a bit wrong and too high – due to my old analog kitchen scales).

Emma laid egg #38

1/27 Emma laid egg #39 – I replaced both with plaster eggs of course.

1/28 Willy attacked Jimi – had to separate them – naughty naughty

On a funny note: even when Willy is sitting way up on the closet it is easy to get him down and make him fly back to his box! I just take a towel, flutter it a bit,Willy then starts to fly around and when he’s decided that he had enough fun with me he flies directly into his box and I can close the cover. How is that??

1/29 I gave Pina and Willy a cardboard box and a flat basket where they could play man and wife. Willy took it too literally – he mounted Pina twice!!! Heaven help me

Look at these pictures – how sweet are they?

1/30 Today I gave them all a bath again but they did not bath!!!!!! Yet I have to clean Miss Pina’s feet nearly every morning because  she is so impatient now to get out of the box that she is trampling on all of her poops – silly little girl. Her feet look accordingly.

Pina is still stargazing a lot still and circling. I have a dilemma: when I try to separate her from Willy to give her more quiet she starts crying like a poudle, if I let her together with Willy – he is chasing her around but at least she is holding her head up then but soon stargazing again…..

Lilly – from the balcony – apparently gave up her egg but this evening she returned to the nest to sleep there – because the weather is still very cold and snowy.

Also tonight too many pijjies wanted to sleep on the balcony – I had to chase them away. Sad. Too much hassle and stress for Pete and Emma. I cannot risk that they are getting sick!


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