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May 3, 2010

They still have to be handfed – an update

From the

Diary as of  1/22  – 1/23/10

1/22 Here are some updates on our sick pigeons again:

There is nothing really special – the days have become routine in some way.
First thing in the morning I am cooking chamomille tea for the birds with a drop of honey and their vitamins. Then I let them run for a while so that they can make their exercises, helicoptering, flying, running around. Then I clean their boxes and after first feed on the balcony where the others are waiting for me too – Pina, Willy and Jimi are being fed: defrosted peas and the homemade pellets. After that they are normally tired and they are packed back into their boxes. Now it is time for my own work.

When I have to leave the house the birds are packed into their boxes and as soon as I am home again they are running free again until supper. So again feeding peas and pellets, they are getting a fresh drink in their boxes again and are put to sleep. Now it is my time again. Each day there are little things happening which make us laugh – the birds are so funny despite their illness I love it/them . The days are fully stuffed and although it is so much extra work I would not miss it. The only thing is that I wish with all my heart that they can fly free again one day. Each time when I think of how they loved flying I am getting sad to see them so deprived of their purpose Very sad.

Pina – she is still the one with the most symptoms: stargazing, walking backwards and in circles, not able to eat by herself, missing flight reflex. 9 weeks ago she was diagnosed with PMV. But besides all these problems she is doing well. Pina is the sweet baby she has always been. She eats well and has gained weight. She is now on 375 gr – originally she had 315 gr.
She is running around with Willy when she is outside the box. She is cuddling with him, grooming him and seems to feel quite okay. When she feels Willy is too bossy she tries to hide behind my feet while I am in the kitchen or sitting at the computer. She always seeks protection from me. Isn’t that sweet?
I only hope she does keep her head straight one day again. I have no idea though how long this will take. Sometimes it seems to become better then there is a little relapse again. I am giving her little tasks such as putting her on a basket so that she has to exercise her balance etc.

Willy – he has started to fly as well. But he is a real crash pilot. Oh my – I sometimes have the feeling he just jumps down from his box or the table or chair without looking where he wants to go just for the pure fun of it – and often lands on his nose=beak or he has to support himself with one of his wings. EEK Thank heavens due to the soft carpets he cannot hurt himself. Only sometimes he bumps into the closet but so far he has not hurt himself. He is still wild Willy and I am sure if he could speak he would scream “bansai” and then off he goes like a karate fighter. He sometimes tries to fly up, ends up in strange circles and bumps into something EEK. It is very uncontrolled but at least he trains his muscles this way. He has become very strong in the meanwhile and it is sometimes quite difficult to get hold of him. But he has learned to go back into his box quite “deliberately” when I gently conduct him in that direction. Isn’t that awsome? Like a performing poodle.
But altogether I think this all is a big improvement although he still cannot eat be himself either. The symptoms like stargazing, trembling and circling have disappeared entirely in the meanwhile. He has gained a good weight and is now on 385 gr (last Sunday)

Jimi – I am quite sure that he will be able to fly free again one day. He does not show any symptoms at all any more besides that he still cannot eat by himself. He also jumps back into his box when I “tell” him so. It’s a great relief not being forced to chase him through the whole appartment when he has to go back into his box. He is the calm one of the 3. He regularly sits on his “balcony” – a heavy flat stone on the edge of his box which is standing in the big window and likes to look outside. From time to time when Willy is busy with Pina or lying in a corner somewhere he comes down for helicoptering or walking around a bit but as soon as Willy sees him and tries to catch him he jumps back on his “perching” place – the big stone:

Jimi has become quite a heavy weight: 430 gr since 2 weeks now. I think this is a good sign for his recovery.

What I do not understand is that all 3 pijjies still are not able to feed themselves. They all try to pick seeds (I give them many different sizes – from millet to barley and corn etc.) but apparently the connection between picking up seed and swallowing is still malfunctioning. It is strange that they all are capable of drinking alone – so what is the difference? I have no idea what I could do about this if  at all – just this…

Hang in there

23.1. nothing special to report – so no news are good news!



  1. Sounds like you’ve got your hands full! I can relate to Willy crash landing – when we first got Elmo he used to fly into the air and flip and crash to the floor, something that always caused us to panic in case he hurt himself badly. Thankfully, he’s stopped doing that.

    Your pigeons are real characters! Would love to meet them. 🙂

    Comment by Rev — May 3, 2010 @ 8:13 pm | Reply

  2. Revati – thanks for your comment. I also would love to get to know your pigeons!

    Comment by pigeonwriter — May 10, 2010 @ 3:34 pm | Reply

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