Pigeon Tales

May 2, 2010

Willy starts flying also – like a Crash Pilot

Again I am hopelessly behind my posts but the entries of my diary are not lost – just appearing a bit late…..

From the

Diary as of  1/12  – 1/21/10

1/12 Willy started to fly. His landings are still somewhat clumsy – he sometimes uses his poor head for stabilization, sometimes one of his wings. But he is not lazy – he is trying and exercising and does not give up! Yet when I remember what a real “racer” he once was it is a pitiful sight now. But this will improve! Let’s be optimistic.

1/13 Willy is exercising each day – I think he will be able to fly soon again. He makes jumping exercises to train his leg muscles and he is doing flights which get trickier day after day. He looks for different landing opportunities in order to train his skills.

1/14 We have a new couple breeding on the balcony – in one of the small nests in the middle of the shelf – it’s a nice little pair:  Lilly with dark plumage, brown spots and Mr. Bossy, a grey checkered cock who is very bossy – that’s why his name. But nevertheless it is a very nice pair. Lilly has laid one egg (I replaced it with a plaster egg of course).

1/15 Willy broke out of his box for the first time –  😛 – what a little brat! He used the gap between the box and the cover to escape when I have mounted the clamps to give them more air. Clever little Willy – I am very proud of him. He is brave but also a problem because he brings himself always in danger. He is a real daredevil.

1/16 Jimi and Willy had a bath again. I first tried it with Pina, but she is still too much stargazing so I had to hold her head so that she was not drowning. But at least sitting a bit in the warm water cleansed her feet again from all the dried poop.

Then I tried to put Willy into the bath but as nervous and bitchy he always is he jumped out of the bath immediately again. Then I let Jimi in. This was a big mistake: of course now Willy wanted to bath also and they got into a fight. Willy jumped into the bathtub and Jimi tried to escape. So I had to close off Willy again in his box so that Jimi could have his bath. Willy was so frustrated that he began to rampage in his box, spilled his drink and got all the food wet etc. so that I had to clean the box again. Silly Willy, wild Willy.

Jimi finally got his bath and enjoyed it very much sitting for a long time in the warm water. Afterwards he dried himself on the carpet, lying side by side with Pina. It was such a lovely image. No pics unfortunately…

1/17 Today is a sad memorial day for me: one year ago my Mom died. So I am glad I have my pigeons to care for – they give me so much joy and comfort despite all the work.

For our pigeons it was weight day again:

Pina 375 gr – gained 15 gr, Willy 385 gr – gained 5 gr, Jimi 430 gr – the same.

I am now feeding twice a day: 10 peas, ~30 pellets. The recipe at the moment is:

grinded regular seeds, some sunflower hearts, sweet corn meal (very coarse), organic millet and breadcrumbs. This mixture seems to be easily digestible. Our 3 sick pijjies love to eat the pellets and their poops are good.

1/18 Willy is flying – and crash landing!

1/21 I put the boxes near the window again. All 3 pijjies do not need that much warmth any more and this way they have something to see all day long. Action on the balcony!


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