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April 11, 2010

Jimi can fly again!

From the

Diary as of  1/6  – 1/11/10

1/6 Today Jimi has revealed himself: he can fly again and he has a good balance again. He flew through the whole room without any problems! Who would have thought that this would happen so early. Now I have to be extra careful. He still cannot eat by himself though but I will watch this carefully during the next days.

I know he wants to get out again and he is terribly impatient what I can fully understand. But as long as he does not eat by himself there is no way out for him. But I also don’t want to keep him locked in longer than necessary.

How do you decide whether a bird can be released or not after PMV? This is the question I am asking myself all the time… It is not easy to decide but time will tell I think.

1/10 Jimi and Willy enjoyed their bath. Pina did not want to stay in the warm water – she started stargazing too much so I took her out again. Willy took a short one and his feet were finally clean again. Jimi really loved it. He was lying for several minutes quietly in the rather deep warm water and got really soake (video will follow).

1/11 Today was a good day besides that Willy and Jimi had themselves a fight. But nothing bad  really happened.

Jimi – he is doing really well. He is very calm, saves his energy and gets only upset when Willy is molesting him. He can fly – it is getting harder to catch him but normally he sits on a big stone on the edge on his box and looks out of the window. So when he has to go into the box I just point the finger and move the cover closer on him – he then hops into the box.
He enjoyed his bath yesterday very much – lying for a long time in the warm water and making funny faces. Next time I will use the camera.
He gained weight – 25 gr within last week EEK – he has now 430 gr!

Willy – he is continuously my little baby to worry about. A couple of days ago he had bad seizures during the night again, circling like crazy and vomitting half of his supper. So I put him back on one day babyfood and strict “bedrest” i.e. in the box for one day with the cover closed and darkened. It helped and the next day he was as cheeky as before and ate normal food again without any problems. What amazed me also was that he suddenly could jump out of his box all by himself and fly short distances. He is still quite clumsy when he tries to land – mostly he lands on his nose – but he is exercising and does not give up. He is not so anxious any more and runs around as usual.
he’s gained weight as well – 20 gr within last week EEK – I hardly can believe this. He is now on 380 gr. I think this is really good and shows me that he is improving too despite those little relapses. This gives him more powr to fight off the virus. I am very glad for my little baby.

Pina – she is getting fat EEKshe gained 30 gr within one week. I cannot believe this. How is this possible???? Slowly I have to take care that she is not getting too plump otherwise she will be rolled rather than fly in future. She is now on 360 gr.
She is still showing heavy symptoms like stargazing though. I wonder whether she will ever get her head really straight again. My poor baby – I can only hope that this will improve suddenly one day. At the moment I see no progress. But at least she has a good appetite.

All 3 birds try to peck and exercise eating and I hope very much this will come back one day again, that they can eat by themselves. Currently I have to handfeed them twice or even 3 times  a day still.
Each of them gets 10 ml chamomille tea with a tiny bit of honey and vitamins first thing in the morning. I think this helps to clean their crops if there is anything left from the evening before. I am still quite careful about this as I do not want them to develop some yeast infection or sour crop.

After a pause – while I clean the boxes – I feed them a few peas (10-15) first and then the homemade pellets (ca. 30 pcs.). This seems to work now. I think the peas replace the “green food” they are eating in the wild quite well. I have read that pigeons love to eat the pea plants in gardens.
They get the same for supper. Their poops look still a bit too soft but at least not so sick any more as before. I am checking their mouths each day also and take a good sniff at it. Poops are totally odourless.
Twice a week I also feed them some (very few) herb pellets, containing all sorts of herbs and garlic. And once a week they get Sandoz Calcium in their drinking water. They have access to grit each day and I think they are all able to eat at least some of the tiny stones and shells etc. At least I see them pecking and swallowing from time to time.

If I only had more ideas what else I could do for them to speed up recovery ???




  1. Hi Petra,
    sounds like you really have your hands full with looking after your lovely balcony birds! 🙂 Poor things are taking their time getting well but they wouldn’t have made it this far without your love and dedication. I’m afraid that PMV sufferers can take a long time to fully recover – some never do completely though, which is always a worry. But it sound like your pigeons are doing well in their road to recovery. 😀

    Comment by Revati — April 11, 2010 @ 3:38 pm | Reply

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