Pigeon Tales

April 10, 2010

The Progress of Jimi, Pina and Willy

From the

Diary as of  1/2  – 1/5/10

1/2-4 If someone would have told me 10 years ago that there will be a time where I would have 3 sick pijjies inside I would have called him nuts nutter (at that point of time I did not know yet that it would be even more!!)

Despite all the stress and additional work it is so heartwarming to see those little angels improve a tiny bit day by day. Even with some setbacks from time to time it is a good feeling to know that without taking them in they would have been dead by now.

Here comes a little update:

Jimi – he is doing the best progress. But then his symptoms were not as bad as those of Willy and Pina. He had hardly lost any weight and I could catch him at the right moment. I think weight is the most critical point when pigeons are getting PMV or any other illness.
Jimi is training his little flights each day. He loves to sit on the edge of his box and looking outside. He has become very sweet again – not so aggressive like at the beginning when he was feeling really bad. Now he is nearly his old self again. The only thing that fails now is that he still cannot eat by himself – I hope this will come back soon. I think he is a candidate to be free again one day. Since a few days he is not showing any symptoms any more.
I am still not quite content with his poops though – so the whole thing is not over yet. But there is hope.
He’s put on even more weight – now on 405 gr.

(Please ignore my dirty window – but it is too cold at the moment to clean anything )

Pina – she is so sweet but she is still stargazing a lot. Don’t know what I could do? She is eating well (while being handfed) but also her poops could be firmer. But maybe it’s the diet they are getting – I am not sure. We have to wait and see. She is training little flights as well and coos a lot in her high pitched sweet voice – it sounds like a baby dog rather than a pigeon That's too funny That's too funny
Pina is running around the whole day so her weight is 330 gr constantly.

Willy – he has gained a little weight – he is now on 360 gr again. He is still a bit my little baby to worry about but I think he is on a good way. There are days which are better and others where he does not feel so very well. But this seems to be the nature of this illness. He is cooing and growling the whole day and seems to be quite content when he can cuddle with Pina. Today I have watched him drinking without moving like a senile old man – i.e. he did not tremble and was not jerking his head while drinking as he did before. So there is a little improvement too. He also does not really circle any more and keeps his head straight more often.

1/5 Nothing special to report besides Pina being 7 weeks now hospitalized, Willy for 6 weeks and Jimi for 5 weeks. How long still????



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