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April 2, 2010

Emma tried to trick me and New Year’s Eve

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From the

Diary as of  12/26  – 12/31/09

12/26 Emma tried to trick me: she laid a third egg – #37. I realized that she was sitting on the nest again all the time after she had already abandoned the plaster eggs for some hours. I found this strange and checked the nest. And there it was – an ominous 3rd egg. This could have become one of those famous oops babies but I realized on time….

12/27 Willy is back on 360 gr – yippee!!!!!, Pina on 335 gr, Jimi on 390 gr

12/29 Today we have ugly weather again but our 3 little patients seem to be quite content. Jimi is starting to do tiny little flights: he jumped out of his box this morning on the higher one on the sofa, balanced on the edge and then took a leap to the little Chinese table and “flew” down from there, a bit clumsy but things are definitely improving. The only problem is that he gets awfully agitated when he is sitting in front of the big window. He then runs back and forth because he wants to get out of course but this is impossible – he would surely die. But little Jimi thinks he can do it. So each time when he gets too agitated I put him back into his box to calm him down. This works perfectly. Poor little Jimi – he probably thinks I am punishing him and I am sad that I cannot let him fly free.

On the other hand he was standing on my hand today – maybe he does not hate me!

Pina and Willy were out of their boxes nearly the whole day. They are cuddling together and seem to have a calming influence on each other. When they are sitting in front of the big window they hardly get agitated but simply love to look outside. It is so funny sometimes – Pina and Willy sitting inside and outside other pijjies are looking inside. Especially Pete was looking today and he seemed to communicate with Willy and Pina. He probably wanted to know how they were doing. How sweet is that?

12/31 I was very worried about the noise we were expecting for New Year’s Eve and the reactions of our little patients as well as the balcony pigeons outside. But nothing worrying happened actually. Thank heavens!

Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for our feathered friends!!!!



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