Pigeon Tales

April 1, 2010

Willy loves Pina – Jimi doesn’t

From the

Diary as of  12/10 – 12/18/09

12/10 Today is weighing day:

Willy – 355 gr

Jimi – 385 gr

Pina – 340 gr

This means that Willy has gained about 40 gr, Jimi 35 gr and Pina 15 gr.

12/11 I think Willy does not like the peas. He’s vomited a few so I decided to leave them out in future. I only fed him once today in he late afternoon because this morning his crop was not really empty. I don’t want him to develop some sore stuff in his crop. So I gave him the pellets and some peanuts only.

I gave them liquid calicum still – 5th day – in the morning.

They are cuddling again – Pina and Willy. Jimi does not like Pina – he pecked at her – so I had to put him back into his box again. He nearly escaped today – was suddenly sitting on top of the cover. He also can feed himself and is drinking alone. This is a a little relief for me and I am glad about it. will check on sunday whether he is eating enough though.

12/12 Willy started stargazing and circling. I don’t understand why he is showing these symptoms now after more than 2 weeks. This is not good and I am worried again. He also vomited during the night.

12/13 Willy has really bad seizures – he is circling really badly, stargazing, vomiting, gave him another Spartrix because his mouth looked supicious.

Since yesterday Willy has a little relapse although I don’t know whether you can say that or whether this is a normal progress of PMV: he started to stargaze yesterday what he did not do at all since his PMV broke out. But his awful head trembling subsided a bit instead. But I do not know what is worse. Also he vomited yesterday a bit and today again. Is it possibly a consequence of his sudden stargazing? Similar to humans, who tend to vomit when they become dizzy or disoriented? What can I do if possible at all?

I gave Pina and Willy a warm bath yesterday because this should help them to relax. Willy enjoyed it tremendously. Pina was still a little too scared – also I had to hold her head all the time so that she did not get any water into her nostrils or worse into her lung. I will try it with Jimi tomorrow. Maybe he can enjoy it.

Unfortunately Jimi is becoming quite aggressive when I leave him together with Willy and Pina. So I always have to separate them when they are out of the box which makes the whole situtation a bit more complicated. But I don’t want to leave him in his box the whole day because then his recovery will probably take longer due to his depressions. He has become a bit more active since he can walk around a bit. So this is definitely a proof that he is feeling better outside than inside the box. But what creature wants to stay in a box the whole day anyway

12/14 Willy is not well – he vomited again although this time I gave him only a few soft pellets with oatmeal and some grinded peanuts. Afterwards – waiting for half an hour I gave him chamomille tea with a few drops of honey.
After feeding him, i.e. giving him the tea, 5 ml, I let him out but he immediately started circling like crazy and then vomited again. Maybe the vomiting is caused by the seizures? I don’t know. Would it be better to put him in the box again – may he has to much exitement and should be kept rather calm.

I really don’t know what to do any more and I don’t understand why it is getting worse now after it started out so well. According to the good advice of the Pij’n Angels forum I did following:

I gave him the Spartrix in the morning, then waited and then the tea and then I bought baby food (a recommendation from my vet) because I don’t have formula. I mixed it with the tea and gave him 15 ml – he received another 20 ml in the late afternoon. He did not only like the food I think because he swallowed deliberately but he did not vomit since 24 hrs. now.

I also left him in his box, covered with a big towel, half dark, so that he really had his quiet time. He did not have any seizures today only a bit stargazing. So he seems to improve again. He was totally quiet today – how sad. But I left him alone. I think it was the right thing to do.

12/18 Since a few days no vomiting. Willy started even to coo again. But this time I was restrictive – he stayed in his box and will keep him there still for a little while.
Pina is the only one who is running around. I think she misses her dad and playmate but what can I do. Today she sang for me again – very sweet noises – I have to catch that on camera….

It’s very very cold outside: – 11°

Jimi is doing quite okay though, Pina as well.

(Sorry no pics today)


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