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April 1, 2010

It is very cold and Pina and Jimi are making good progress – Willy slowly too

From the

Diary as of  12/19  – 12/25/09

12/19 Pina and Jimi are doing pretty well – with little step-backs from time to time but altogether they are doing well. Especially Pina make good progress: yesterday she could sit on my hand without falling down. And she is very sneeky again – bites into all and everything – my fingers, my toes but she is so very sweet too…

I am still worrying very much about Willy. Although he has not vomited any more I put him on peas today instead of the baby food. He was urinating too much to my taste because he drank very much and his poops of course were very fluid. I also was a bit concerned about the high sugar level due to the banana flakes which are part of this baby food – at least it tastes quite sweet. But on the other hand he needs the calories and the nutrients in order to not losing too much weight again.

So what should I do? Continue with peas in smaller quantities but feeding more often? Mixing? One dish peas, the next one baby food? It is not easy to decide and all more or less experimenting.

Tonight the thermometer showed  -13°C.  Poor pijjies – there are additional visitors on the balcony who seek protection here.

12/20 The baby food I bought is a cereal with lots of nutrients for 4-month olds and although it does not contain regular sugar the 17% dried banana flakes make it quite sweet (to my taste) which probably caused Willy to drink more than usual – that’s why I was a bit irritated. So it should be okay then.

Yesterday I started to give Willy mixed food: in the morning the baby food, then 20 peas for lunch and another 20 peas for supper (he absolutely did not want to take more). But his poops were much better this morning! So I will continue this program but try to give him more peas then. Strangely this time he ate them – when I tried last time he did not like them at all! Who would understand this????

Today was also weighing day again:

Pina – 355 gr

Jimi – 390 gr

Willy – 340 gr

So this means that Willy lost a bit weight due to his vomiting.

Pina is sneekier than ever and she is able to make little jumps and little fights too – not just helicoperting. So she is really trying hard to get in shape again. She’s got so much will to become better. Admirable for this little sweetheart I love it/them I love it/them I love it/them keeping her weight of 355 gr.

Jimi is still grumpy, especially when Pina comes too near – then he starts cooing immediately and pecking at her. Although she only wanted to play with him Embarassed Shame on them But Jimi’s digestion is very good and his poops are excellent. There is still that lump sticking in his wound but despite that it looks good. I think eventually the strange thing will fall off. He is keeping his weight.

Both, Jimi and Pina were outside their box the whole day today which did them really good.

Willy is doing better today. He even started helicoptering again but his weight is still too low. But I think he will get better soon. He is currently on 340 gr. So he lost about 15 gr in the last few days which is not too bad I think. And he started cooing again which is a very good sign.

12/21 – 25 It is Christmas time and there are not so many things to put into this diary but I have an overview:

Pina is really doing very well, running through the whole appartment when she is outside her box. She is eating well, makes good poops but still has to be handfed as well as the other two. She exercises her flight muscles often and can lift herself from the floor in the meanwhile by about 20 cm now, even doing little circle flights and working on re-gaining her skills such as balancing etc. What worries me still, is that she still has absolutely no flight reflexes which means when you put her on the hand and move her downwards quickly she does not open her wings as a baby pigeon would do. I really hope that this reflex is coming back one day. I am trying and exercising with her each day…
She is still stargazing a lot but also manages to bring up her little head quickly again. At least no seizures any more.

Willy is slowly gaining weight again. I am feeding him still each morning and evening with baby food so that he gets all the nutrition he needs. Lunchtime I am feeding him with peas now. This seems to work quite well. His poops are quite good and enough, which means that his digestion is functioning. He coos often and likes to be with Pina. I let them together in “small doses” so that he does not get too agitated but also to make him happy.
He is still circling a lot when he is outside his box not to speak of the stargazing. But he has learned better now to hold his head against something and his seizures are subsiding quicker now. He is preening himself often and also training his flight muscles. The heavy trembling of his head has subsided entirely. He has gained a lot of strength despite his relatively low weight  which is amazing.

Jimi is more and more active – not as listless as before. He even manages to jump from the bottom of his box to the brim and even balances there, climbing even sidewards. He then jumps from the brim with an elegant leap (see pics below). It’s an 11 inches jump which is quite high for a bird that cannot fly – don’t you think? He also trains his flight muscles as soon as he is outside the box. He eats well although not by his own yet, but he can drink on his own – as well as the other two.
And Jimi has started to coo also – we had a real concert today: Pina, Willy and Jimi all singing. Was so sweet I love it/them I love it/them I love it/them

What was also sweet this morning: I currently have all cages on the sofa during the night because it is warmer there. Jimi was outside the box and Willy still inside his. Jimi climbed the sofa upwards like a little bat and sat in front of Willy so as if he wanted to wish him a good morning. Isn’t that sweet???

So you see I have still a lot of work with our sick pijjies. And there are still the ones outside the balcony which needs to be cleaned several times a day too as we have a lot of visitors at the moment. But they all seem to be healthy. Pete and Emma are doing very well, Winnie is still sitting on her plaster eggs and her new lover, Bubi, is also still there – sitting on the eggs during the day and sleeping in pigeoncity during the night.
Angelo comes still every day and is feeding from the bowl on my left arm while Winnie is sitting on my right arm while I hold the food bowl. I still have no photo – which is a shame Embarassed

And there is my work and my housework and my hubby who wants to be fed as well That's too funny
The days are going quickly…..

Jimi on his box:



  1. Hello!
    This is Naomi from Pij-n-angels.
    I am happy to know that your babies are getting a lot better!
    BTW, I have the same hot-water bottle. Even in the same color!!
    Guess what ?? I bought for Toto! ;)))

    Comment by naomi — April 11, 2010 @ 12:46 pm | Reply

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