Pigeon Tales

March 20, 2010

Weighing Day and Recovery Progress

From the

Diary as of  12/8 – 12/9/09


Pina: poops are getting better, she is quite active if not a bit hyperactive – so I let her out of her box each day for a couple of hours. Her circling still continues, especially when she is excited. Also she puts her head down but in the meanwhile her neck muscles seem to become stronger so that she is able to get straight much quicker. She is training her flight muscles as soon as she is out of the box and manages to come off the ground at least for 15 cm. I find that this is really a major improvement. She is keeping her weight of 330 gr.

Willy: poops are getting better as well. Although he seems to be much happier now – not as depressed as before because he coos often during the day – his neurological symptoms are still bad. The tremblig has subsided a little bit but his coordination is still awful. He has problems to find his balance when he is agitated. I also took him out of the box today and put him under a moscito net for safety as I did not know how much he was able to come off the ground. As soon as he was out of the box he also started helicoptering but had absolutely no power. But I think when I let him out each day as well he can train his flight muscles as well and he will become stronger eventually. His weight is stable at 360 gr right now. A bit too thin still but this will improve too I think when I let him run outside the box more often now.

Jimi: poops are getting better as well. He still seems to be a bit depressed and is a bit listless. I think he will need some time still to adopt to the situation. I will let him out of the box tomorrow as well to see how he is doing and whether this has a positive effect on his mood. His weight has increased by 10 gr, he is now on 380 gr. I am still checking his injury each day which is definitely improving. The skin around the injury looks healthy and everything looks dry. I am still applying Bachflower Rescue drops each day and holy ashes from Sai Baba in India which has a high healing power. I have often enough tested it myself on all kinds of injuries and leasions. So I spared him the stress of the drive to the birdclinc, waiting for a long time, handling etc. If anything starts to look suspicious I will go the vet of course. But for the moment I think there is no need.

Here are some photos of the poop, which I took 2 days ago:



I have stopped giving them cinnamon tea in the meanwhile – they get water with vitamins and apple vinegar – to see whether their poop is getting wetter again – but it did not. It is nearly normal looking in the meanwhile…

12/9 I let them out together – Pina and Willy:

I have observed quite a significant improvement in their motor function since I let Pina and Willy run around in the appartment since 2 days. But it is not only their motor function that has improved but their emotional condition too. Willy is not depressed any more at all since he has real company with Pina.
I was a bit worried yesterday before I let Willy out because he became so agitated that he nearly jumped on Pina for joy. Little Pina nearly got a shock when she was so rudely “attacked” and I immediately separted both pijjies again. The next time Willy was a bit more chivalrous towards Pina although he opened the courtship ritual at once again but less violently. So I left them together. Yesterday I made a little video of both so you have something to laugh about:

Willy is still quite clumsy and only in the last minute of the video you would recognize the PMV infection of Pina but altogether it is amazing how my beloved pijjies are adapting to their situation and try to get the best out of it. I think their improvement is amazing regarding the fact that Pina is only a little more than 3 weeks hospitalized (with the first signs of symptoms) and Willy only a bit more than 2 weeks – although he was already 2 weeks sick before I could take him in. At that point he was truly in a very bad shape and near to death I think.

Today both started to groom each other. It was such a sweet sight and very rewarding for me to see them so tender, often sitting side by side on the carpet. Willy was cooing nearly the whole day and Pina answered him from time to time. So both have their voices fully back and they are making healthy poops!!!! crazy

The only worry right now is Jimi, who is still deeply depressed. But I have him in only since one week. There is enough time to recover. I will let him out tomorrow as well – maybe it helps him to get into a better mood. Maybe Pina can comfort him a bit too although he pecked at her the last time. We will try.

Btw – Winnie, who is Willy’s mate – has found a new boyfriend: Bubi. He is a cute, dark pigeon guy with a crippled left foot – 2 complete and 2 half toes. He looks healthy and well fed. He does not leave Winnie alone for a second. They are both feeding from my hands – sitting on my arms and Winnie is going to lay eggs again – tonight probably the first one in her and Willy’s nest. I am glad that she is staying on the balcony and did not really leave Willy. It was very interesting, that she never allowed Bubi to sleep in their (Willy’s and Winnie’s) “marital bed”. Only Winnie slept in there, in pigeon city, and Bubi had to stay on another place in pigeon city. With a laughing and a crying eye I am watching this because Willy and Winnie always were so in love with each other. But I am glad that Winnie did not go away so there is hope that one day Willy gets his wife back… Embarassed

Another observation: the other pigeon, Sitting Bull, who had PMV symptoms as well, light stargazing, circling, nervous movements while feeding, bad poop etc. is fully healthy again. Apparently there was a spontaneous healing. He got enough to eat because I fed him each time I saw him and he apparently shook off the illness all by himself. What a relief!!!! But maybe he did not have PMV after all. There are so many deseases which also show PMV like symptoms so without tests you really cannot be sure.



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