Pigeon Tales

March 12, 2010

Winnie has a new mate: Bubi

Sorry – I am hopelessly behind my entries on the Pigeon Tales but with 5 sick pigeons who need all to be handfed 3 times a day the time is just flying by and I hardly get to the computer. But here it is:

From the

Diary as of  12/5 – 12/7/09

12/5 Winnie has a new mate: Bubi. He is a proper little guy with dark grey checker colour and with 3 toes only on his left foot – 2 toes are crippled – I suppose from a string injury. But is does not seem to bother him.

I feel so much sorrow for Willy and for Winnie as well. But nature requires her right. Winnie needs a new mate because she wants to lay eggs and Willy is not able right now to fulfill her request. It is cruel but what could I do?

The idea with the paper bag worked perfectly!!! I fortunately had a small one – just right for pigeons – even with handles. So I could weigh Jimi as well as Willy.

Willy has taken up weight – I could feel it – he now weighs 380 gr. It must have been the homemade pellets – I call them powerpellets – Pina is quite eager to eat them and in the meanwhile Willy munches them too quite nicely. Jimi has to get used to them still. Pina is the funny part – when I put the pellets into her mouth she opens it so widely as if she wants to swallow my finger as well. Didn’t know that a small pijji like her could open her mouth this widely.

Yesterday I discovered that Jimi additionally has an injury in his crop – the lower part. Apparently a big puncture wound, approx. 1 cm, it is not open. There is a hard crust in the opening – maybe tissue that has closed the hole from within. There was a bit of infected tissue still around the wound – but not much. I put Bach flower rescue remedy on his wound and holy ash. I did not see this the first day because the feathers were covering this spot. Only when I examined him more closely yesterday I could feel that hard spot on his breast.

Jimi also sometimes makes strange noises and movements with his beak – it’s like teeth chattering when a human has high fever. – I have no idea what this means- you can really hear it – it is different from the behaviour pigeons make when it’s too hot. Could it be fear?

Today Jimi’s injury already looked better than yesterday – even smaller I think. So there might be no need to do anything at all. I will watch this further . There is no fluid coming through this injury. I am not even quite sure whether it is part of the crop at all.

I gave him 5 ml cinnamon tea first thing in the morning as well as the others and he seems to adapt to this very well. An hour later I fed him the homemade pellets and some de-frosted peas in between and he seems to be quite content. He has pecked at his food for the first time – leaving a total mess EEK – so I cannot say whether he actually ate something but he drank alone from his pot – this I could see. Tomorrow I will start him on the Argentum. He did not make these strange noises any more today. Maybe this was fear the last 2 days. Poor little Jimi – but I think he slowly gets used to the situation. I really hope so.

12/6 Willy and Pina received their first hoemeopathic remedies:

Pina – Conium Mac – for 10 days – 3 globules/day

Willy – Argetum Nit for 2 days – 3 globules/day

12/7 I decided to go to the birdclinic later if necessary at all. I did not want to stress Jimi any further. The wound seems to be even better. It does not cause him pain otherwise he would have reacted on my touch…

Willy will get his last globule today. Jimi will get another set tomorrow.

Winnie is still sleeping at her place (Willy’s) and I very much hope it stays like this.

Today Willy saw Winnie outside on the balcony from his box behind the window and he became very  agitated. I am not sure whether Winnie saw him too. I am really nervous to get to know what will happen in the future when Willy can go out again. Will they be together again? I don’t know…

This is how Willy and Winnie always slept in pigeon city:



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