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February 12, 2010

We have PMV patient #3: it is our sweet Jimi

From the

Diary as of  12/3 – 12/4/09

12/3 It’s not going away – the bad news – but we have PMV patient#3: it is our sweet Jimi, our philosopher.

More than 10 days ago,  I think, I observed the symptoms on Jimi, such as slight head tremors, trembling from being cold and the need for long pauses to sit somewhere. In my heart I knew what this meant but I did not want to believe it. There was no way to catch him because he was still too alert and fast. He appeared each day for breakfast though and sometimes slept on the balcony. I knew he was sick but I hoped as long as he could eat and fly he would overcome this illness. There have been reports of spontaneous healings if only the pigeons got to eat enough.

Today he was feeding again quite a lot from my hand but then I realized that he started stargazing and was slightly circling on the board on the balcony. He then flew to the ground of the balcony and I was finally able to catch him, which meant he was really in trouble and needed my help.

So gone to the DIY store again and buying another box. First Jimi was shocked of course and he seemed to be totally listless as if in trance but now I think he is quite happy to sit in a warm and safe place and I have less to worry about. Maybe he can recover soon again. I am glad that he came here to seek help – so it seems at least.

Willy has started to drink a bit on his own. I am still worried about his digestion but this will take time probably. Today I have started to give him cinnamon tea although he hates it.

I think our family got infected at the same time. Pete, Emma, Winnie and Angelo do not show any signs and I pray that they stay healthy. My resources for hospitalizing are at the end right now. I have not seen Joey for at least 4 weeks – I can only hope that he is okay and stays away for some time as well as Peppi.

Who would have known how quickly things can change and that you sometimes have absolutely no time to get prepared. But that is life – isn’t it? I try to cope with this, with the help of the Pij’n Angels Forum and my dear partner of course. Without his help I couldn’t do this either. Without this help I could not handle this situation.

12/4 Unfortunately this morning I discovered another pijji with symptoms. Not one of ours but one of those who regularly come for feeding – it’s Sitting Bull. At the moment I cannot do anything about it but leaving enough food whenever I see him. If he gets worse I will catch him and bring him to the animal shelter center.

I had written to a couple of orgs to find out who could take sick pigeons because I could not imagine that there is no-one in a huge city such as Munich and I was called by the director of the Munich animal shelter who told me that I could bring them the sick pigeons. I haven’t been there yet to check it out and whether they are really willing to take PMV pigeons but we will see if they will keep their word. Apparently they have something like a pigeon house. I am not going to give them to the emergency vets again – they will only kill them.

I have yet to check out the birdclinic in Schleißheim which is in the North of Munich what they are doing with PMV birds od if they could possibly take care – but I don’t really think so. But perhaps they have contacts of rehabbers. But I want to talk to them personally first.


Today Pina is feeling quite well. I let her out of her box again and she did a lot of helicoptering. She seems to be much happier. I have just “bordered” a little space in the livingroom where she could not get into trouble – just like you would do for small children.

Willy is still too thin and needs still a lot of warmth. I have to feed him more often. But he seems to be not as depressed as before. He coos from time to time when he sees the other pijjies outside. The stupid thing is that I don’t have the right scales to weigh him properly. The one I have got is too small but in the case of Willy I would have to put him into a box and then Willy and box become too heavy. The scale is perfect for Pina though because she sits still. Willy is the wild one and does not like to be caught and handled. Each time is a fight.

Jimi slowly seems to adapt to his situation of sitting in a box. Cannot say much right now whether he is going to feed himself or not. We will see.

I am much more relaxed now that the situation seems to be under control after I was so very much in panic. I am quite tired but I can sleep during the night, knowing that our sick family members are safe. What a relief…

This is Jimi last summer – a proud and proper fellow:

Now he seems to have shrunken – small, tired, depressed and insecure. Not his self any more. Hope that this will change soon again…



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