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February 11, 2010

PMV Symptoms of Pina and Willy after being hospitalized for 14/8 days

From the

Diary as of  12/1 – 12/2/09

12/1 Emma has laid the second egg #36

12/2 Pina’s condition has dramatically improved since 2 days now so that I can hardly believe it. Since Sunday she did not have a single real seizure like circling around like crazy for minutes or even falling over. She still does stargazing and is circling but not with that violence any more – she somehow has learned to cope with it i.e. how to support herself while putting her head on one of the paper rolls I have put into her box.



I have not noticed any cold feet but I am regularly changing the hot waterbottle. Her poops became more formed but are still a bit too soft. Her digestion seems to function properly though – her crop is emptying.

Yesterday I gave her a little bowl with grit and parrot sand that includes minerals and calcium and she started to pick in it. She even ate the one or other little piece.
She also has started to preen herself extensively since Sunday and it looks orderly how she does it – it looks as if she had never been sick. and she started to stretch herself and trained a bit her flight muscles – flapping wings!!

Today I let her out on the floor for a while where she could better train her wing muscles and stretch herself while I was on guard of course. She apparently enjoyed it greatly, started to pick at all kinds of things and had a long nap afterwards.
When I fed her this evening I did not give her anything to drink afterwards – the result: she went to her drinking pot and drank all herself. What an improvement! I am greatly pleased and happy.

Symptoms of Pina right now are:

– stargazing
– sleepy
– poop bit too soft still but getting better
– not able to eat yet but can drink by herself – Pina seems to have appetite
– some slight circling – but stops very quickly
– cannot fly
– warm feet
– damaged wing feathers – 2 pieces(quills are crippled somehow)

If there had been still doubt whether Willy has PMV this has been eradicated completely. He was circling today again but only once or twice and it stopped quickly. Now that both pigeons are in a transparent box side by side and can look out of the window, see the other pigeons running around, they seem to feel much better. At least that’s my impression.



Today Willy has even found his croaky voice again. It was so funny – outside the window were several pigeons jumping on a little wooden board, peeking inside and seemingly very interested in Willy’s food. He – seeing the other pijjies – was getting angry and started to coo in dismay. He even circled a bit as if he wanted to court. He is sick, cannot eat but he can coo again. Isn’t this great? How I love to hear his voice again!

He is still a little problem when I have to feed him. While he likes to be wrapped up like a burrito he does not like to be fed and each time it is a kind of fight to get the food into his mouth. But I have to “force-feed” him – he is still much too thin.

Willy started flapping his wings today too – apparantly he is motivated by Pina.

Willy’s symptoms are different and not as severe as Pina’s. He is very sick though and far from being his former self.

Symptoms of Willy are now:

– weight loss before I could take him in (stopped)
– head tremors (quite heavy)
– nervous twitching while preening – appears a bit un-coordinated
– poop still a bit too soft but getting better
– not able to drink or eat by himself – no appetite – does not really like to be fed but he swallows what I put into his mouth (it’s getting better though)
– crop slightly inflated (as if he is cold but he isn’t – warm feet)
– slight circling
– cannot fly (but has a lot of power still when I have to grab him)
– seems in need of more warmth (probably due to former weight loss) has sometimes cold feet
– also found a damaged wing feather and today a damaged tail feather (the quill is somehow crippled)

Photos of crippled feathers:



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