Pigeon Tales

February 6, 2010

At the Vet

From the

Diary as of  11/27  – 11/30/09

11/27 Pina has seizures but not as bad as before.

11/28 Today is Saturday and we were at the vet with Willy again. I also wanted to know the results of Pina’s tests. According to these tests  there were no salmonella but an E.coli infection instead. I don’t know what is worse.

The vet gave me some Bird Bene Bac which I was supposed to give Pina for the next 3 days. Willy  received another antibiotics injection and a medication against fungus which I was supposed to give him the next day.

Additionally to all the worries and the stress the vet had been behaving really obnoxious on Wednesday. Apparently she was in a bad mood and was in a hurry as usual. She more or less told me that I was doing everything wrong, contradicted herself all the time so that I did not dare to ask her more questions because I feared not being able to shut my mouth any longer. She accused me practically of not giving Willy enough warmth because he had cold feet (in the praxis). But this was only from the drive to the vet.  Unfortunately it did not come into my mind to put some hotpacks into Willy’s little cardbox. The vet told me that I needed to buy this and that for the birds as if I had unlimited financial resources. She was very insensitive and I felt really lost and discouraged.

So you can probably imagine my feelings when we had to drive to the vet again today. But this time everything went well – apparently she was in a better mood – and told me that I would do everything right!????

Although Willy had become a bit stronger he was still very thin. I could feel the keel of the breastbone too much due to the lack of muscle flesh on his chest. But this of course would take time to build up again.
I was still not sure whether he also had PMV. The vet said he had, due to his systemical disorder and the tremors of his head. Although he did not show any torticollis symptoms, no stargazing and no circling around like Pina, he still showed fine tremors of his head especially when he was in stress. His movements were still quite un-coordinated and when he tried to eat he could not pick up the  seeds but rather tossed them around.

What I was feeding right now to Pina was:
de-frosted peas and homemade pellets 3 times a day and chamomille tea with vitamins alternately to ricepudding (long cooked rice in water) mixed with joghurt and vitamins, thinned with warm water so that it could be sucked up with the syringe.

The pellets were made from grinded peanuts, oat flakes, joghurt and vitamins.
I thought this food was good for her as she had not vomited once or made really bad poop as it was at the beginning. She did not urinate as much as before. The poop was not smelly either – although you could smell a bit the joghurt feeding. Is this a good or a bad sign??

I was feeding Willy the same – only that he got a bit more than Pina. His poop had improved as well a bit although it was far from being healthy. Although Willy could not eat by himself he seemed to  be able to drink alone but I was not really sure. I was giving him fluid with a syringe anyway.

11/29 As Willy had been really feeling bad on Thursday after the medication at the vet, he was absolutely listless and I already feared the worst – I could say that today was a better day for him. On Thursday I  had the feeling that his crop was somehow inflated. My suspicion was that it did not empty properly as it should. So I decided to put him on fluid nutrition:
I tube-fed him every 2-3 hours with a mixture from soft rice, oatflakes, joghurt, vitamins, a few drops of honey and apple vinegar, hot water to warm this up. Apparently this did him good because the today he felt better again, started to preen himself a bit and was relaxing on his belly again. He seemed to have been in pain the day before.

I am still not sure whether Willy has PMV as well. We will see. I took him out of his cardbox and put him into the new transparent plastic box which I had bought and where he had more space and could see what happened around him. I planned to make some photos soon.

11/30 This morning Willy began to sing again – as my dear partner expressed it – unfortunately I did not hear it because I was probably in a kind of deep coma sleep at 5°clock in the morning. But I think this was a good sign that he had his voice back.

Next week I will buy the same kind of box for Pina. I find these more practical than a cage because they are warmer for the birds because the closed walls protect them from drafts and the birds cannot hurt themselves so easily when they have their seizures. A box can be cleaned easier etc.

Today was also the first day where Pina did not have a single real seizure. Of course she was still holding her little head to the bottom most of the time but she also was able to hold it quite upright today.

So what has changed? Well, after I was sure now that Willy has PMV as well I put both boxes side by side in the big window in our livingroom so that both could get some sunlight and look outside. Although Pina could not really see much because she was still in the cardboard box she had more light now.

It was the first day where Pina really preened herself several times the day and very thoroughly. In between she slept again. Feeding went very well. She got 40 peas in the morning, the peanut pellets for lunch and oatflake pellets for supper.

And Emma has laid egg #35.

I am afraid that pictures like these of Pina will be memories only for a long time. If she only recovers completely again…



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