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February 3, 2010

Pina has terrible Seizures but makes better Poop and Willy is slightly improving

From the

Diary as of  11/24 – 11/26/09

11/24 Pina had 60 peas for breakfast,  pellets and peas for lunch, chamomille tea. I fed Willy only 2 x with pellets and peas.

I ave realized that Jimi is also sick – he stayed on the balcony today all day. But as long as he is still too strong here is no way in capturing him. Joey still disappeared – where is he?

After Pina had a real terrible day yesterday with one seizure after another there was a better day today, less seizures and not as heavy as yesterday. Also her poop improved dramatically – for the first time she made some quite  healthy looking poop!!! crazy crazy crazy
Btw – checking her weight this morning again I realized that she did not lose a single gram. Even not after yesterday after those terrible seizures. So I take this as a good sign?

Today Pina was fed with 60 peas! in the morning, 20 homemade pellets and 20 peas for lunch and 15 homemade pellets and 20 peas in the evening which I find is quite a lot.
The pellets were made from peanuts grinded in the mortar, fine oat flakes and a bit of buttermilk. They are much easier to feed than tube feeding which I hate and which Pina hates.
This evening she nearly opened her little beak by herself in anticipation.
I gave her 2 x 5 ml and 1 x 10 ml chamomille tea with vitamins (the 10 ml was too much because she spit part of it – poor baby – I did not want to terrorize her) to drink. But she still does not really drink on her own or eats on her own. So I have to “force” her which is terrible for me but otherwise she would become dehydrated too much.

Willy is slowly improving too. I got a nice wingslap today and he suddenly managed to put his little white head out of the box – Hi there/Bye so I have to be careful now. Yesterday he was terribly listless. While he is still not really feeding himself – he drinks a bit though – I had to feed him today too. He got 20 of those pellets in the late morning and 20 peas. I also tube fed him 5 ml water with vitamins.

Now in the late afternoon I gave him 15 pellets and 15 peas. I cooked rice (for rice pudding) so long until it was a real pulp YUK , mixed it with joghurt and vitamins and water and tube fed him 10 ml of this stuff afterwards. I think this evening his crop was nicely filled. He has lost a lot of weight I think and I need to coddle him up before he can fly free again. But I also don’t want to give him too much so that his enteritis gets worse again. I will see how his poop looks like tomorrow…
Tomorrow we will be at the vet again.

I am sure if he had not been so well fed before he would have been dead by now while not eating really for more than a week. My poor little Willy – he was “our” first child on the balcony last year! It is so dreadful for me to see him like this now.

So – after a very long day – at least I managed to do the laundry between the feeding cycles – I hopefully can relax a little bit tonight…I am really worn out…

11/25 It’s Wednesday and we are at the vet again with Willy. I hate her. She more or less said to me that I was doing everything wrong. That does help really  👿

Description of the details will follow in the next post. As a short note:  according to the fecal tests there are no salmonella but an E.coli infection instead in Pina’s test. I don’t know what is worse.

Willy has also an E.coli infection and has lost a lot of weight. My nice vet told me that he was totally emaciated in a way as if it was my fault – well….

Pina was eating today 60 peas for breakfast, 30 pellets for lunch – 5 ml joghurt rice with vitamins, 20 pellets 20 peas – 5 ml joghurt rice with vitamins in the evening.

Willy got 40 pellets, 5 ml joghurt rice with vitamins, for supper 40 pellets 10 peas, 5 ml joghurt rice with vitamins.

11/26 Pina had those terrible seizures again and she hardly could hold her head upright. Most of the time she was bent downwards with her head on the bottom of her box as if she tried to hold herself this way. When will this end approximately? She was completely unable to eat or drink for herself. I feel so sorry for my little baby. Hasn’t she suffered alread enough in her short life?

Her poops are sometimes better sometimes worse again. It is an up and down at the moment. My poor little baby is still terrible to look at, especially when she has those cramps where even her claws are clenched – sometimes they are clenched around my fingers when I just try to hold her. It is now 10 days since these symptoms started.

On a positive side – she did not lose any weight what really amazes me regarding the energy she loses when she starts circling in her cardbox like crazy. Today she even went from 310 gr to 325 gr and she seemingly has a bit more power when I take her up to feed her. If I only knew that these symptoms will decrease in a short time I would feel much better and could relax a little…

Here are a few photos of Pina from happier days:



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