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January 31, 2010

Willy is very sick – I caught him easily

From the

Diary as of  11/23/09

What is worse is that Willy is very sick again. After he did seemingly so well in the last few days, yesterday it started again that he was just sitting on the balcony floor, puffed up, not doing much, not eating. So it was easy to catch him yesterday and I checked his mouth again – no canker visible, but I gave him another Spartrix and let him go because he fought so much. At least he stayed on the balcony tonight – so I had the chance to check on him. This morning I saw that he still was very miserable so I made a quick decision, caught him again, put him inside in another box and we drove to the vet again.

The vet said that he probably had an acute enteritis and that he had emaciated quite a lot. I described the symptoms in chronological order:
poop started to become very soft, turning from light olive green to some yellowish puddles without nearly any poop, then after he had begun to eat again turning into really pea-green colour but urinates were there again so his kidney seemed to work.

The vet gave him an antibiotics injection – with amoxycillin, some vitamin injection and something to eat in the crop – I think it was some baby nourishment. Don’t ask me further, I just could not ask any further details right now because my brain was spinning.

The vet told me to come again on Wednesday. She said something about de-worming him – maybe I have then my brain together again and can ask details.
At the moment I am totally overwhelmed and can hardly think for myself.

At least Willy is easy to handle at the moment. He has a warm waterbottle in his cardbox so that he does not need to waste energy on staying warm, something to eat if he wants to and something to drink. Most of the time he is very quiet and seems to be quite content to have his peace. I really hope that he feels better tomorrow. I have put him in our bedroom to completely separate him from Pina due to the danger of additional PMV infection through Pina. My hope is still that Willy does not have PMV. Pina is in the livingroom. It is becoming quite a challenge now where to put the birds and do the utmost to maintain some quarantine as we don’t have much space in the small appartment. But we will manage somehow.

Pina eating today:  50 peas, 20 pellets, 10 pellets and 40 peas, 4 x 5 ml camomille tea, bachflower remedies

The seizures of Pina have stopped for now (evening). I have fed her this evening with those homemade pellets again and warm peas. She got camomille tea in her crop with vitamins and each time with Bach flower remedies. So far she has kept her weight.

I am not sure whether she is getting enough fluid though. Altogether I gave her 4 x 5 ml tea.
I don’t dare to give more because I had the feeling that her crop became too full. That was  a dilemma. I really have to watch this closely.

I have to do something about the cardboard boxes because I cannot clean them properly but I don’t want to buy cages…

Willy is very quiet. I don’t recognize my sweet little pigeon boy again – always so busy, so funny and agile. I feel very bad and I can only hope that this situation will clear again. I am very unhappy….

(no photos today – sorry)


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