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January 28, 2010

Handfeeding Pina with Peas and homemade Pellets

From the

Diary as of  11/22/09

Today seems to be a better day for Pina. I gave her de-frosted peas in the morning – slowly I get a little practise in doing that. Open her beak – plop – open her beak – plop – open her beak – plop… After 10 pieces she got a little pause where I stroked her softly and then open her beak again – plop and in went 40 pieces after a while.

Pina eating today: morning 40 peas, 10 ml camomille tea, lunch 20 crushed pieces of peanuts, 10 ml tea, supper 20 pellets of seed-powder, 5 ml tea.
At the beginning I was not sure at all whether I really had to force her to open her mouth and I was so desperate about the possibility of giving her additional pain. Thanks to the link to the youtube video in one of the threads of the Pij’n Angels forum I learned that I did the right thing! And now it works perfectly – better than tube feeding which not only Pina really hates. She swallowed all the peas nicely.

Lunchtime I did the same with peanut pieces – opened her mouth and popped in little pieces of nuts which I had put in warm water before. After that I gave her 10 ml of camomille tea with vitamins. And tonight I am going to feed her de-frosted peas again. In between she tries to pick seeds on her own but she does not get enough food herself so I have to do it.

Also her poops are becoming a bit better now. It is not that terrible dark green colour and mushy consistence any more but a lighter olive green and the poop is a bit more formed. So it seems that this at least is improving. Also she does not urinate so much as before.

Yesterday – when she was in that bad condition – I put her in a very flat soft basket with kitchenpaper and carried her around with me and even put her on the bed while we were watching TV. This apparently seemed to help her to stop the seizures.This was quite the contrary to all the advice, having read that pigeons suffering from PMV need more quiet.

Regarding some different food I honestly have not managed to get frozen corn. It’s ridiculous but here in Germany you can get the corncobs in total or the tinned. People apparently don’t buy frozen corn. I could take the cobs though if I find some. (I did not)

I have also made something different today: I took the regular pigeon food, grinded it in the coffee grinder (thoroughly removed the coffee bits of course), added some sunflower hearts and peanuts and then mixed it with a little water, kneaded little pellets as big as peanuts and fed them to Pina as a different dish. This worked very well and replaced tube feeding which she hated.

I am going to start a Bach flower remedy treatment tomorrow. Birds should be very susceptible to these.

The homemade pellets:

These are the tools I am using for tube-feeding:

normal syringes in differnt sizes, without the needle of course and a “Batman cape” for intractable pigeons (pigeons who are fidgeting all the time and are difficult to handle 🙂 ). I will show this in detail in a much later post…



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