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January 23, 2010

Failed to catch Willy – I am very worried

From the

Diary as of  11/20 – 11/21/09

11/20 After a very bad day and an awful night (for me also) here is an update on Willy:

Yesterday I failed to catch Willy entirely. I tried it twice when he was sitting on his roosting place. He was simply too fast and escaped. The only thing I could do was watching him on the opposite building where he sat all alone and apparently wanted to have his peace. He did not change egg sitting with Winnie so my chance was lost to get him there. It is the time where the eggs would have been overdue to hatch but Winnie is still sitting on them although both should know in the meanwhile that there will be no babies (plaster eggs) – so no real need to take care.
Willy ate a few seeds yesterday and he drank a bit but then he was gone again. I felt terrible. So I hoped I could catch him in the night. I had already prepared some tubefeeding stuff and pill and vitamins etc. I also had prepared a big cardbox with a nice warm layer of soft towels to put him in. I waited until it was completely dark and Willy slept on his roosting place. Well – I missed him again and off he was, flew to the opposite building again and did not come back at all that night. Later on I could not detect him any more so I did not know where he was. I wondered where he took that energy from.

I felt so guilty. Not only that I put him under additional stress although my instinct told me to leave him alone simply – I also deprived him of his home and safe sleeping place. I wondered whether he would come home at all.

11/21 This morning Willy appeared on the balcony and seemed to feel a bit better. His movements were a bit more vivid when he ate some seeds. Most of the day he was sitting on the opposite building again. Quite obviously he wanted to be left alone again. But I watched him preening himself with more liveliness. Yesterday he hardly could bow backwards probably because of the pain in his crop. Today this worked much better. He also ate more seeds today, especially dried corn and sunflower hearts. After drinking he was still making the penguin stance – so this was the sign for me that his crop was probably still hurting.

Un the evening he was back sleeping in pigeon city and I left him alone. I did not want to risk another failure and putting him even more stress.

What is the conclusion for this? I should have listened to my gutfeeling and to Willy himself. Willy is a strong bird and he wanted to heal himself. He showed me what he wanted and I did not understand. I am sure now that if he would have needed me to do something he somehow would have shown me. I have to learn to exactly read the signals.

It is not good when we humans always think that we have the solutions for everything. While these birds are getting sick from time to time most of them also know quite well what to do. We humans tend to overreact so many times instead of listening to our instincts.  Therefore we need the pharmacies, the doctors and all that stuff that sometimes does more bad than good.

I hope so very much that Willy is getting healthy again. I love him so much and I could not forgive myself if I have done him harm through my actions because I was so anxious to help him. If the bird needs me I am here. As for any other that needs my help.

I forgot to add that today – in the early afternoon – Pina flew over to her Dad and was sitting near to him for a while. Isn’t that sweet? I am sure that there is a communication between them and that the birds know quite well what is happening.

Look at this proud bird – here is Willy with his son Angelo whom he wanted to introduce to us:

here is Willy with his mate Winnie – happier times



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