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January 21, 2010

Willy is very sick – he has Canker!

From the

Diary as of  11/10 – 11/16/09

11/10 Joey is still missing! He did not appear for breakfast for quite some time now.

Willy is sick. He does not eat really as usual and his poops are very small and very few – at least what he leaves from the night. Also he seems to be a bit subdued when I feed the pijjies in the morning – not as cheeky and bossy as usual.

11/12 What worries me now is that Willy’s poops are in a yellow urine puddle since 2 days (see image below) and his voice appears to be very subdued, not as croaky and really loud as usual. I can hear him normally inside with closed windows. If this does not improve soon I have to contact the vet and ask what I should do.

Pina still comes in every day which is so sweet and such a wonderful feeling for me. This morning she was singing again in her cardboard box.

11/15 Willy’s condition is getting worse now. He is really sick and cannot eat any more since 3 days. I have seen this from the poop he left on his roosting place. His poops were a bit soft since last week but not too bad. This can happen from time to time when pijjies try to cope with an infection. Now he is hardly doing any poop at all and when he does his urine is yellowish, there are only a little spaghetti pieces of poop with white stuff around.

Yesterday I realized that his voice was really muted – completely different to his normal voice. He also has become a bit week, does not chase other pijjies away and I have noticed today that he has difficulties to bow forward to pick up seeds – apparently he is in pain and cannot eat therefore. He picked 3-4 sunflower seeds from my hand but no more. He tries to pick up a bit sand or grit but his overall constitution is not good. He still flies to the opposite building but then sits there again. He often closes his eyes, has problems to preen on his back – I suppose this is hurting too. I have not seen him drinking anything – so I am afraid he is getting dehydrated.

I don’t know what to do! Today is Sunday and I cannot reach the vet of course. I can only catch him when he switches egg sitting with Winnie. I am so in doubt if this does not add too much stress for him but then I could at least check him out for canker.

What shall I look for when I have caught him? I know the typical signs for canker in a pigeon’s mouth but on top of that? I am very worried what is happening here. What should I do?


Okay – I just caught him while he had changed nest sitting with Winnie. He was astonishingly quiet. I felt his crop and exmined him everywhere else but I could not find any hard spots that tell me that he has intestinal canker. Then I checked his mouth and discovered a small yellow nodule in the middle of his mouth behind the tongue – so he has canker apparently at the beginning.

I gave him one Spartrix and then 2 ml of water with vitamins. So he has at least a little bit of fluid. So I think I have to give Winnie, his mate, one Spartrix also.

Unfortunately there is no way to keep him in. I tried it but he went totally crazy in his cardbox. I think this costs him more energy than leaving him alone. Also his mate Winnie would go crazy if I take him in. So I let him go again. He is now sitting on the opposite building again.

The problem with Willy is, that he does not like to be handled in any way at all. He is quite a nervous bird, always running around – I cannot imagine how I should keep him inside. He does not even sleep in one of the sheltered nests on the balcony even if it’s windy and far below zero. That’s a real problem.

I will watch how he is doing this afternoon if I can see him. And I will try to give him more warm fluid if I can get hold of him again – water with honey?


Willy just flew over to our balcony and is now sitting on his roosting place. He picked 4 or 5 sunflower seeds from my hand and 2 little pieces of peanuts. His flight looked secure and his landing was secure too. So I really do not think he has PMV as he is not showing any other typical signs. He was even cooing at Pete and he has still some energy left to give him a wing slap.

He has one Spartrix and I gave Winnie (his mate) one too in case she gets infected too.

I assume that his crop is inflammated through the canker because this seems to be the place of pain. I continuously monitor him. Hope very much that he stays on the balcony now. I am still thinking about taking him in when it is dark but am doubtful whether I should really do this.

He is now sitting on the nest again which is sheltererd with double cardbox and he is sitting in a pile of hey right now. At least it is “warm” there.


11/16 Willy’y poop has changed to this now after not eating any more:



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