Pigeon Tales

January 20, 2010

Pina is back and our Lodgers are sick

From the

Diary as of  11/6 – 11/9/09

11/6 Thank all heavens – Pina is back – she appeared very early for breakfast and then came in to sleep on her board. I am so happy to have her back. I can hardly find words for this. So reliefed after that awful day yesterday. She stayed inside nearly the whole day – only flew out for 2 hours or so and then came back.

11/8 Today is an awful day – nearly dark, damp and cold outside, typically November.

Pina took her breakfast as usual this morning and then flew out. I cleaned pigeoncity and the balcony as I do every morning. The black pot where one of the visitors was sleeping was totally wet – it looked awful. I don’t even know who was sleeping there. The bowl in the lower nest was wet also – and the poop in the long basket which had improved the last few days looked also awful again. It must be the weather. When I checked last night because I heard some noises I realized that the pijji who was sleeping in the black pot was sitting in front of the drinking bowl – later he was in the pot again. I put some more kitchenpaper in it so that the poor pijjie does not sit in its own little lake again. I don’t know what else I could do?

I gave them all brown rice to eat first thing in them morning. I hope this will help a bit if I continue during the next days. I don’t want to have a whole lot of sick pijjies here.

Pina came back in after she had been outside for just half an hour. I can fully understand her. Now she sits on her board, sleepy and listens to Pink Floyd!

11/9 Yesterday late afternoon Pina wanted to get out again and I thought she might come back in a minute but she did not. Apparently she wanted to be with her friends although the weather really became ugly. Not the best time to spend the night outside but it was her decision. So what could I have done? But I did not get into such a panic as the last time where she had chosen the worst moment to stay away.

Well – maybe I am getting used to my little darling having her own ideas. Isn’t this the same with human kids when you have to let them go to live their own life? Now I know how painful this can be.

This morning Pina came very early with her buddies again to have breakfast. Again she stayed nearly the whole day inside – most of the time in the cardbox which is all hers since Peppi disappeared. Oh my – I still miss him so.

This afternoon – it was getting dark already – Pina signaled to me that she wanted to fly out again so I thought it was the same pattern as yesterday. But this time she came back inside after 2 minutes. Apparently her buddies were already gone so she decided to stay with mommy. And I was happy about this of course.

I am still somewhat lost because of our lodgers. Two of them really produce very watery poop and urinate so much that their pots are drenched in the morning. Today I put some cinamon tea outside besides the vitamins but they have not touched this yet. I also feed brown organic rice first thing in the morning and during the day bsides the regular food of course. But there is no improvement yet. I don’t know what else I could do.

Partially their poop looks like this:

What does this poop look like for you – i.e. which sickness is this the symptom for?



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