Pigeon Tales

January 19, 2010

A very sad week

From the

Diary as of  10/31 – 11/5/09

10/31 Emma has laid her second egg #34

Still no Peppi. Missing since a week now.

11/1 Everything as usual – but still no Peppi

11/2 Joey was sitting on my arm for a very long time this morning, wiggling and looking at me. Is that sweet? I am talking to him and he looks at me as if he understands each word I am saying. He has become quite a proper young pigeon man with a lovely plumage after his last moult.

(a remark as of 1/19/2010 – as it turned out later this was the last day we saw Joey until today. It seemed as if he wanted to say Good-bye for a while, as if he knew that he would not come home for some time. Sweet Joey – I hope you are doing well and that the angels protect you. I miss you so much!!)

11/3 I am very sad – little Susie did not make it.  You remember the little pigeon I found on my balcony with the severe crop injury? I talked to the bird clinic today and asked what happened – they told me that the infections inside had already spread too much.  There was already too much necrotic tissue and she could not be saved. At least they tried and I am glad about this. But still I feel very sorry and sad about this.

Farewell, little Susie, fly high and free but I will not forget you Very sad Very sad Very sad

Pina is sitting in the cardbox again since 3 days. She did not go into the box since Peppi has disappeared – which means for me that she has taken up normal life again. Does she still miss him – I wonder? I think she does but she also is getting used to being alone as long as she has her friends outside….

11/5 This is one of those days I hate. Had to call the emergency vets this morning again.

A few days ago I noticed a little light grey, blue-bar pij, apparently a little lady who appeared to be sick. She was a bit slow in her movements and while I watched her closely I noticed little tremors of her head but nothing else. I mean the tremors were hardly noticable but they were there from time to time. Her plumage looked nice, shiny and clean and I could not detect any bad poops from her. So I decided to look out for her whether there was any change.

This morning when I went out to start the day as usual with cleaning and feeding my feathered sweethearts I realized that little Tinchen was on the balcony floor again. She hardly moved away when I came nearer, and when she tried to fly upwards she hardly could land on the balustrade – it looked as if a very young bird was not able to fly really yet. So my suspicion grew that this might be the beginning of a PMV infection.

So I decided to catch her, knowing with a heavy heart that if my suspicion came true she would be euthanized. I don’t have the space nor any possiblity to quarantane a bird, not to speak of treating her the right way. I had no other alternative either, in order not to risk spreading the desease to all the other birds on the balcony. There is no way to really disinfect that area completely. I can only scrub the floor carefully and the balustrade. I collected all the pieces of cloth with which I coverd our bycicles and other things and washed them in the machine. I disinfected the drinking bowl of course. Food is not on the balcony.

Catching Tinchen was easy – she did not even struggle. So I put her into a cardbox with 2 little holes in the side, so that she could look outside. I switched on some soft music and there she sat in the box, apparently quite calm and relaxed. I offered her some seeds and she picked feverishly but she could not eat although she tried hard. So I gave her a small deep cup where she could dive in with her beak but even this way she did not manage to eat more than one or two seeds. So she gave up again.

I gave her another cup with water and vitamins – this she could manage – at least she drank quite a bit. She was really very calm in her box, slept a little while and then woke up again. I could even stroke her softly on her breast and sides. She looked at me whenever I looked how she was doing. Did she know? I am not sure.

In the afternoon the vet came and he confirmed what I had feared already. I am very sad Very sad Very sad Very sad

I am so fed up and I have enough of death. I know this is part of life but this is just too much to bear now…

And now the worst – Pina did not come home this evening!

These are the last photos I made from Joey – sitting on the right side besides Pete, his father, and Pina is on the left side…



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