Pigeon Tales

January 18, 2010

Peppi is still gone but Jimi is back

From the

Diary as of  10/27 – 10/30/09

10/27 Still no Peppi!

Pina could not decide today whether to come in or not – she was sitting on the edge of the sideboard. My calling for her apparently nerved Willy who wanted to sleep already – so he jumped from his sleeping place and more or less pushed her to come in. If this isn’t sweet – then what is?

Winnie has laid egg #13 . Tomorrow there should be another one…

Emma and Pete are still cuddling and making love. But no egg yet.

Have been looking and checking for the local flock again. Did not find Peppi. Where is he? At least Pina eats a bit more again but she is still sad. I can see this. She is still waiting. But she also seeks more company with the others now and then. At least a tiny little progress…

10/28 Jimi is still missing for breakfast as well.

10/29 Emma laid her first egg #33 and Winnie laid egg#14.

I replaced them by the usual plaster eggs.

Winnie is so sweet. She easily flies on my arm and feeds from the bowl.

Still no Jimi. I am starting to be a bit worried again. But this is nothing new. There have been a couple of times when he went missing.

10/30 Pina seems to go back to “normal” life again. She is eating normally and she is en route with her feathered friends. I am very happy about this. In the evening she still comes flying in and is sleeping on her board in the bookshelf.

Jimi appeared for breakfast again! Oh my he looks like a vulture – not a single feather any more on his head. But the quills are growing. Weather has become ugly and cold again, very foggy. So I am glad that Jimi takes a good breakfast again.




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