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January 17, 2010

My Peppi has disappeared and I am crying…

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From the

Diary as of  10/24 – 10/26/09

10/24 I am awfully worried. Peppi did not come home yesterday evening and did not appear this morning either. It is 5 °clock in the afternoon and he still did not appear. I am so worried and I feel really sick today. I am crying because I am afraid that something has happened to him. Pina is waiting for him to come home too. She is on the balcony nearly the whole day already. If I only knew what has happened. My only hope is that he flew with another flock somewhere else to discover his world. If this is the case I would be glad. But if not…

While I was standing at the balustrade and was crying Angelo jumped on my shoulder as if he wanted to comfort me. Also Willy and Winnie came very near to my face and looked at me as if they wanted to tell me that I should not be so sad. Could these birds know what I was going through? Obviously they knew and tried to be near. This even made me cry more…

And just now I have realized that Willy and Winnie have disappeared this evening too. What is happening here? My world is going in pieces… Very sad

10/25 Willy and Winnie are back. They were on the balcony the whole day,  eating here. But in the evening they disappeared again. My suspicion is that there are too many visitors and they are simply nerved. I think I am going to chase them away tonight – the visitors…

10/26 No Peppi. Pina at least is eating a bit again. One relief at least.

There was a small flock of 20 white pigeons cycling around our building this morning. At least for 10 minutes. I put some seeds on the balustrade, hoping they would land but they did not. It looked so beautiful. I assume that they were wedding pigeons and heading home perhaps. Maybe they were angels to tell me not to worry about Peppi…

As hard as this is for me I had to chase our lodgers away. Pete and Willy have too much stress and I do not want to risk that they disappear entirely or are getting sick.

Pina is still coming inside and is sleeping on her board on the bookshelf as usual. This really comforts me a lot.

This is the only photo about the little flock of white pigeons that came out sufficiently sharp. You would not think that they are so fast but it is extremely difficult to photograph a flock of  flying pigeons…




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