Pigeon Tales

January 16, 2010

Found badly injured Pigeon on the Balcony

From the

Diary as of  10/20 – 10/23/09

10/20 Emma and Winnie both have left their plaster eggs and are making love with their partners again. Was a unique picture today: Pete and Emma cuddling with one another on the balustrade and Willy and Winnie doing the same within a distance of 50 cm. Very sweet.

10/21 Emma and Pete, Willy and Winnie are sleeping together in pigeoncity and additionally 5 visitors.

10/22 We have still our 4-6 visitors during the night. I think they are all young pigeons who are not  pubescent yet. Therefore they are tolerated by Pete and Willy and not chased away.

One of the young visitors is sleeping in one of the little nests in pigeoncity and his poop is terribly watery. Each morning when I clean everything the little nest box is totally wet. I hope that this is getting better soon. Another one was nearly as bad but it is improving slowly. I assume that they are ging through some infection but I think their immune system is able to cope with this. None of them appears to be sick in any way. Maybe that’s the reason why they chose to sleep in pigeon city. It is safe there, they get something to eat and they have no stress. So they can recover from whatever is boiling in their little bodies.

Also today I found a badly injured pigeon – adult but still young – on my balcony.
As I was cleaning the floor a bit again this afternoon I realized that one of our visitors who sleep in pigeoncity in the night was already sitting in one of the little nests, totally puffed up although it was not too cold today – about 9°C. So I wondered about it. A couple of minutes later she (I think it was a she) jumped out of the nest and was picking feverishly from the floor although there was no food.

I looked closer because what I initially thought was poop were little heaps of half digested/macerated seeds and corn which she desperately pecked at. It looked differently though from vomited food. I wondered why she was running around, hardly alert of me and then I suddenly saw that half of her chest was totally cloaked with food (not feces as I originally thought). So I grabbed a piece of cloth and caught her. Now I could see that she had a huge hole in her crop and that the food was falling out of that hole. I was totally shocked.

I immediately took her in and washed her chest under warm water. Now I could see the huge gap in her crop which was more than an inch long, it was not bleeding though because the wound edges were already closed and rolled inwards. But of course no food was getting into her digestion and therefore her breastbone was sticking out, which meant she was terribly emaciated.
I wrapped her up in a piece of cloth, put her in a cardbox which I placed on a hot water bottle to keep her warm. After desperately trying to escape first (what a shock this must have been for her) she calmed down. I put on some soft music and I realized that she began to snooze in a corner of the box, still the piece of cloth around her. Apparently she loved the warmth coming from the bottle.

I then called the emergency vets hoping that this time someone nicer would come and help this little sweetheart. I knew that the wound had to be treated of course otherwise she would die but I did not dare to think that it was already too late. I had to wait about 2 hours until a lady doctor came who apparently had experience with birds. She answered all my questions and told me that she would bring little Susie to the birdclinic where she would be checked properly and probably operated tomorrow depending on her condition. For first help little Susie (that’s what I called her) was going to be put on infusion and antibiotics. I watched the lady doc closely and her movements, how she held little Susie and examined her – this time I was sure she was in good hands.

I hope so much that little Susie will recover again. I try to get an update next week although it will probably be difficult to get an answer from the clinic. But I will try…

10/23 It was such a wonderful feeding morning: since I changed feeding habits it works much better. I put the pot for the food under my t-shirt so that there was a slight cavity in which I put a handful of seeds. Then I folded my arms around the pot and the pijjies jumped on my arms and hands and ate from the seeds there. When the seeds were gone I could easily put my hand into the pot to fill the hollow again. This way all of our family members could easily be fed and even some of the visitors who dared to come that close. Sometimes there was some jealousy between 2 pijjies and they started fighting with each other on my arm but I could easily handle this.

For the first time Willy and Winnie jumped on me to eat from my “t-shirt pot”. What an image! I need to get my partner make a photo of that. It is so cute and such a wonderful feeling. Even Angelo has learned that he can eat from my arm relatively stress free. So he jumps on me as well. Same does Jimi and Joey as well as the little ones of course, Peppi and Pina. Peppi sometimes becomes very jealous and does not tolerate any other pijjie on my arm, not even Pina. What a little bugger!


This is pigeoncity! Looks quite chaotic but I never thought it would be for a longer period of time. In spring I have to think about something nicer…


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