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December 17, 2009

First Night alone in the World and the sweetest Photos from happier Days…

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From the

Diary as of  10/1 – 10/6/09

10/1 I only hand fed “our” pijjies today – i.e. directly on the balustrade. It was still a bit stressy because of all the others disturbing our family members. What have I done???? I caused the whole problem because I wanted to be nice but I simply cannot feed all the pijjies in this world….

10/2 Pina is not feeling very well. I realized that she hat vomited a bit yesterday evening – noticed it when I cleaned her sleeping place on the board – and today she vomited again. But afterwards she was feeding again and apparently this time her food stayed where it belonged. I am bit worried about her and checked her mouth this afternoon to see if the canker had come back. But I could not see anything bad at all. So I assume it has something to do with the moult she is currently in.

She also came in very early this afternoon to take a rest on her sleepingplace. So I let her. Sleeping is often the best. Maybe she was also nerved by all the hassle on the balcony – too many foreign pijjies again who were looking for food. This is simply too much stress for little Pina. She is such a sensitive one and so sweet if she does not bite. She’s had enough problems already in her short life.

10/4 Peppi and Pina are moulting and I am cleaning off tons of feathers each morning. But it does not disturb me at all. This little dirt to clean away is very few payment for all the fun and love these birds are giving me…

10/6 I came back late in the dark from the car service and Peppi and Pina were gone of course. I am sure they had waited a long time in front of the balcony door but their mom did not open the door 😯 . I was so worried and sad and was missing both terribly. I wonder where they sleep tonight???? It was awfully quiet in the livingroom, nothing to hear, no sweet sounds, no nagging because Pina took Peppi’s favourite place. One can get so used to have the birds indoors and listening to the noises and sounds they make and when they are gone it is awfully quiet. I don’t like this at all…

And here are the last sweetest photos from happier days. You will soon know why I am saying this…



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