Pigeon Tales

December 7, 2009

Emma the Egg-laying-machine and the Couch Potatoes

From the

Diary as of  9/25 – 9/30/09

9/25 Emma laid egg #31 in one of the little nests in pigeon city. This is the first time that she laid an egg in pigeon city.

9/26 Today it was quite windy – a cold wind – and apparently Pina did not like it at all. So she hovered above a planting pot until I let her in – the sweet poor thing – at 4 °clock in the afternoon already. Half an bour later she wanted to get out again – so I let her.
Both babies came back then at 5:30.

Oh my, I wonder what will happen when the temperatures go down much more in winter or when it is snowing outside??? Will they become real couch potatoes?  😯
Tonight Winnie is probably laying an egg also. We will see tomorrow. She is not sleeping with Willy but in the little nest beneath the bycicle.

Today I also watched our pijjies flying around for some time. It is such a wonderful sight, I could watch for hours, especially when a couple like Willy and Winnie are doing their love flight – as I call it.

9/27 Emma laid her second egg which is #32 and Winnie laid egg #11

9/28 Today I exchanged Emma’s eggs for the plaster ones. I also removed the foodie pots from the hanging baskets. There are just too many pijjies in the meanwhile again and it is getting more and more. I cannot cope with the load any more. So I decided (with a heavy heart) to refrain from feeding everybody but only ours and the ones which belong to the “outer” family. They are eating 25 kg seed and corn within 3 weeks. This is simply too much. 😈

9/29 Today I had the idea with the old foodhouse again and one foodie pot inside. Thought that this might help Pete and Willy to eat in peace without being forced to chase off all the others. It worked for one day then it was the old problem. Too many pijjies appearing and starting to fight for the foodie pot…

Winnie laid her second egg  #12

9/30 I think the foodhouse (a reversed cardbox with a small opening in the front) was not a good idea. I always wonder how quickly all these feathered buggers find out where they get something to eat. At first it was funny to watch how they lined up in front of the foodhouse in order to get their chance to snapp a few seeds but then they started to fight with each other and this I could not let happen. There are a few pijjies who are so strong that they don’t let the little ones eat as well. So I had to take it away again. What to do, what to do?? I am clueless….

But I have to find a different way how I can feed “our” pigeon family member and a few others without becoming too much stress for Pete and Willy and Emma. I don’t want them to become sick because of the stress.



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