Pigeon Tales

December 4, 2009

Angelo is heavily moulting and Peppi did not come home

First an apology: I am hopelessly behind my diary updates because I have to care for 3 hospitalized members of my beloved pigeon family. Pina, Willy and Jimi have become very sick – PMV infection. So my updates may happen only sporadically at the moment but my time belongs to my beloved birds. I think this is the most important now and I am certain that you will understand this…


From the

Diary as of  9/17 – 9/24/09

9/17 Angelo looks awful in the meanwhile. My pretty little icebear is currently no icebear with a very thick plumage any more – he rather looks like a tramping vulture, totally ragged, all the pinky skin showing through the remaining few feathers around his neck. Now you can see how thin this little neck is. There’s not much flesh really. But the quills are growing so he will have his beautiful plumage hopefully soon again. I am really glad that it is not so cold at them moment although it is raining since a few days. Because this would be really unfair for the birds to keep themselves warm enough.

9/18 Peppi did not come home for the first time. Where is he??? I really don’t know where he is sleeping tonight. Pina does not look worried at all – now she is spending her first night alone also but at least she is here, sitting on the board on the bookshelf.

9/19 Peppi is back!!!! He appeared for breakfast, cheeky as always. If I only knew where this little bugger has been?

9/20 I made them a ladder to walk from the edge of the closet to the board in the bookshelf – looks very funny when they are climbing upwards. Unfortunately I missed to shoot a photo from this.

Jimi and Joey are coming regularly for breakfast. They both make the Jimi i.e. Joey shuffle when  I call them. It is so funny to see them getting impatient for their sunflowr hearts and then trampling from foot on the other….

9/21 Emma left her plaster eggs today and was  sitting nearly 2 weeks over the regular time. I see her cuddling with Pete again. I think they are both very happy to be together again. – Winnie still sitting on her plaster eggs. She loves them…

Pina and Peppi did not want to get out today. Willy is very rude again and tried to chase them out again – the little ones are afraid of him and always try to escape.

9/24 Winnie has finally left her plaster egg too and sleeps together with Willy. Both look so sweet when they are snuggled up together. This time she overdraw about 10 days. I have the feeling both ladies love to sit on their eggs. It is much more comfortable for them than being chased by their males all day long…




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