Pigeon Tales

November 13, 2009

Pete betrays Emma and Peppi pecks his Grandpa

From the

Diary as of  9/12 – 9/16/09

9/12 Peppi came home very late today. I was already worrying about him whether he was going to sleep somewhere else. But then – it was nearly dark – I heard him bump against the balcony door. Gladly he did not injure himself. Silly little bugger – he should have known that there is a glass door espcially as I have 2 flowerpots hanging on the door. I was so happy to see him home – I cannot express how happy I was.

And then – you should have seen how Pina and Peppi greeted one another – it was so extremely sweet. He put his head and neck around her as if he wanted to embrace her. What a view – my heart was melting away…

9/13 Pete betrays Emma with a black pigeon lady?  He had sex with her again right in the middle of the balcony balustrade. I call her Miss Mimi. I am shocked! I wonder how this continues… prügeln

Here they look as if they don’t know each other – hm – just as in real life – eh?????




Pina and Peppi had a bath again today. First Pina had her own this afternoon. Then when both came in quite early today – 6:30 pm – Peppi had his one  too and Pina joined him a bit again. There was a new young pijjie coming in also – was drinking eagerly from the bathtub but Pina did not like it and Willy was chasing the youngster away quite brutally. Poor thing.

9/14 Today both babies came quite early. They have started to moult as well but not so strong yet. Each day I find quite a few feathers beneath their roosting place on the bookshelf and I have to vacuum clean nearly every day.

9/16 Winnie has become quite intolerant especially against her daughter.Whenever she is near her Winnie starts to heavily peck Pina. What a rude mother! Pina apparently is only competitor for her now.

Behaviour between grandpa Pete and Peppi is completely different. Pete never pecks Peppi but Peppi is ruthless: can you imagine that he, the little bugger pecks his grandpa when both want to have sunflower hearts at the same time – 😆 !! Peppi is a little ungrateful monster!



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