Pigeon Tales

November 9, 2009

Time to relax and Angelo had a Fight

From the

Diary as of  9/7 – 9/11/09

9/7 Emma and Winnie are still sitting on their plaster eggs. I have the feeling that they love the time to relax and not running around. Willy has become much calmer and has entirely stopped to chase the babies from their cardboard box on the closet. He seems to be happy when he sees his kiddos enjoying the outdoor life.

9/8 Angelo appeared to have had a bad fight. As he is moulting as well he has not so many feathers around his beak and neck any more and showed some minor bloody injuries. Hopefully this will heal soon again. It is quite clear that the missing feathers make it more likely to get hurt by other pigeons. Their beaks are quite sharp as we have seen with the attack on our little ones.

But his appetite was excellent so I assume that everything is okay with him. When creatures do not have any appetite any more then something is deeply wrong. This applies even to humans!!!!

Angelo’s injuries were better the next day.

9/9 – 9/11 Nothing special. As usual the babies want to get out at 6:30 in the morning although it is not even really light out there. But they announce their wishes by fluttering around in the livingroom.  When I hear this I know they want to get out. I wonder how long they will be sleeping on their board in the bookshelf??

During the day Pina is often coming in to take a little rest on the board or in the cardbox. How I know that she wants to get in? Well – either she hangs like a swift on the hey bag which is mounted on a hook outside near to the balcony door. Or she jumps on the little board where my orchids are standing and picks at the window, looking at me, giving me the reproachful look or she simply lingers in front of the door. She then normally flies to the table first to indicate that she is thirsty. So she will get some fresh water then something to eat. Peppi apparently does not need this time out besides a few exceptions. But then he is a boy and not a wimp. He also comes in much later in the evening than Pina – as it is common for little boys too.


That’s how they are sleeping during the night (photographed with flash in total darkness)




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