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November 8, 2009

Peppi does not like to be stroked any more…

From the

Diary as of  9/4 – 9/6/09

Sorry that it has taken quite some time to write the next post but I am currently very busy with my new painting project. Can you guess what it’s all about? PIGEONS of course 😛

Here are the first 2 paintings:

feather1Contemplation on a feather”

predator1“Contemplation on a Predator”


You can check the details of these paintings here . and I am currently working on the third one. In all cases Pete, the patriarch has been my first model here.

9/4 Peppi has started to peck at me when I want to give him some little strokes. But he still likes to “fight” with me. It is so funny that he needs to prove his “manhood”. So it seems…

Winnie love the peanuts too. Apparently she has changed her mind! But I have to be careful – I should not give them too many because of the high fat content – although for feral pigeons there is truly no danger of getting fat because of not getting “enough exercise.

9/5 Pina does not like to be stroked either any more i.e. at least when Peppi is present. When I have her alone she loves to be stroked. She wiggles with her wing and makes grunting noises. So sweet! Apparently the little pijjies decide by themselves when they don’t want to be “human” any more. It is somehow a sad moment but on the other hand I want them to be free, independent and careful towards other 2-leggers.

They both still jump deliberately on my hand when they want to be fed or on my shoulder or my back as if this were the most common thing to do.

Also they have made friends apparently. They always hang out with a bunch of other young and older pigeons, with whom they apparently do their grazing in the morning and evening. Sometimes Pete or Willy or even both of them accompany the whole group. It is true social living and I am so glad that our little youngsters are fully integrated. So they will learn everything that is needed out there in this big world in order to suvive. I dearly hope so. But when I see how well our other youngster are doing then I should be proud and happy.

9/6 Every 2 days our youngsters get their bath still here in the livingroom. I put a large towel on the floor and then fill one of those big green bowls I am always using outside. But by leaving this inside it does not get contaminated by the poop and dirt of all the others. You never know what they add to the water. And while the youngsters drink from it it is better anyway. Btw – I always use apple vinegar in the bath tub as well – that’s not only good for drinking but good for their plumage also.

I could watch them for hours while they are having their fun and are exploring everything…










  1. Those paintings are amazing! I thought they were photos at first.

    Comment by Donna — January 13, 2010 @ 6:25 am | Reply

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