Pigeon Tales

October 15, 2009

Peppi is really sick…

From the

Diary as of  8/22/ – 8/28/09

8/22 Peppi is not feeling very well – he cannot swallow food. I am soooo worried. This is a true shock. The other day both babies seemed to be perfectly okay and now this. How quickly everything can change. But this is also the great danger wih birds. Due to their metabolism things can change very quickly to the worst without any chance to help them. But I must hope that Peppi is getting better again…

8/23 Peppi seems to be on the way to recovery after the 3rd. pill. He began to eat again – at least small seeds. I decided to go with the advice from the experienced people from the Pij’n Angels forum and give him a Spartrix pill every day instead of only 2 pieces with a day in between as the recommendation from the manufacturer said (and the vet). Actually it was a very difficult decision for me because under no circumstances I wanted Peppi to deprive of his onyl resistance and natural immune system by overdosing the medication. But in this case I followed the advice of people who have years and years of experience with pigeons and doves.

Pina received 3 pills altogether.

8/24 Peppi received another pill because there was a small yellow nodule left in his mouth and I wanted to make sure that this canker shit really disappears completely from his body. I got the advice to give him Spartrix as long as something was to be seen in his mouth.

8/25 Peppi received his 5th pill today. I really wanted to make sure that this canker has disappeared.

Now it was the turn to treat the parents and the grandparents.I decided to start with Willy. It was stressful because of course partially lacking expereince how to catch a fully grown “wild” bird. He was so alert but it had to be done. I was so worried to hurt him but finally everything went well. And the most important – he did not even sulk. He flew off but came back again shortly and I could fed him later a few sunflower hearts as consolation.

Emma laid an egg  – #29 – so it will be easier to catch Pete for his treatment now while he is sitting on the egg.

It was Pete’s turn today for the pill. I cornered him in the living room and threw a big blanket over him. Astonishingly it was quite easy but then I am getting used to catching pigeons – I get quicker too!!!!

8/27 Pete’s received his 3rd pill (Spartrix). Emma has laid egg #30. Removed both now and replaced them with the plaster eggs.

8/28 I gave Emma a pill this evening – tomorrow she will have a second one. It went very well after she was sitting on her eggs again. So I just took the blanket and caught her right in the nest. She did not even defend herself much – she was astonishingly calm – much calmer than at the vet. It was quite easy. Maybe she could remember the last time when we had to take her to the vet. She apparently knew that I only wanted to help her.


0821xxx0064emmapeppiPeppi with his grandma Emma


0823xxx0068ppPeppi and Pina

0823xxx0073peppiPeppi relaxing on the closet


Pina relaxing on the closet



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