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October 12, 2009

The Babies have Canker (Trichomoniasis)

From the

Diary as of  8/21/ 09

Horror:  Discovered canker in the babies!

None of the following symptoms was to be seen that Charis from the Pij’n Angels Forum described so detailed in the thread of the “balcony pigeons”

Matilda wrote:
Here are some other symptoms of canker as explained in an article by Colin Walker…

1. ‘Penguin’ posture – Associated with proventricular (glandular stomach) and crop pain. Birds will lean back on their tails and gulp. Noticed particularly after eating and drinking.

2. ‘Dry feather’ – Due to lack of down feather drop and bloom production.

3. ‘Leady’ feel – Affected birds will not come into condition and feel heavy in the hand.

4. Wet dropping – Inflammation in the digestive tract creates a thirst, leading to elevated water intake and urine production. This produces a clear watery rim around the dropping.

5. Green droppings – Due to digestive tract irritation and in some birds decreased food intake.

6. Inflammation in the throat – Tonsillitis and increased clear to grey bubbly mucus.

7. Interference with crop function – Delayed crop emptying and sometimes vomiting.

8. Increased food consumption by team as a whole

9. Dry yellow canker – In birds of any age, this tells you that many other birds have elevated trichomonad levels, which have not yet passed the threshold for yellow material to form.

10. Indirect signs – Poor loft flying, poor tossing, respiratory problems that respond poorly to medication or quickly relapse, a dramatic improvement in the birds’ general vigour in response to anticanker medication are all suggestive.


Our sweet little ones, Peppi and Pina, were looking fine and full of action, eating and drinking well. They are now 30/31 days old. Being fed not only by their parents but both grandparents as well seemed to give them the best possible start into their life.
Only because I realized this morning that Peppi apparently had some slight difficulties to swallow his food, Pina showed no problems at all, I decided to check Peppis mouth and found to my horror those yellow deposits. Then I checked Pina and could not see anything so far. BIG ERROR.

I packed both babies into the cardbox and drove to the vet.
She immediately recognized a severe infestation of canker. She showed me that Pina had her throat full of those deposits (I did not overstretch her neck enough to look far into her throat – so I missed the signs!) and also Peppi had a lot in his throat. Both were given Spartrix.

In 2 days I was told to give them another pill.

I am totally shocked. How can this be possible? I mean I have no idea how long they already were suffering from this. There were no, absolutely no signs of canker until today and only because I watched closely and decided to check them both I detected the danger both were in.

Please keep fingers crossed that it was not too late! I am really worried. Not feeling well

What else could I do to help my little ones to recover from this completely? Besides all the hygienic aspects such as no bath tub, thorough cleaning and drying of drinking pots? Additionally I always put organic vinegar into the drinking pot. What else can I do?

The parents and grandparents have to be treated as well. I have to give them Spartrix also. My vet said it is not enough to medicate the water or food. I had hoped this would work but she vehemently said it is not enough. So I have to catch them and treat them as well.

The vet told me to give one more pill to each baby on Sunday. I asked twice to make sure. It’s Spartrix, 10 mg and she gave me the pills.

But I have to bring them next week again for a check-up. I really really hope it is going okay. This evening Peppi seems to have a bit of a problem with breathing – at least I see him with his beak a tiny bit opened but no noises so far. Now the little angels are sleeping. They’ve had enough!!! Not feeling well

Oh my – what is hapening here!!! I am in panic and am very worried. This is the time to consult more people with more experience – so off to the Pij’n Angels Forum…



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