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October 10, 2009

Pete and Emma are feeding from my Hand after 4 Months Patience

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From the

Diary as of  8/20/09

8/20 Today is a historical day – Pete and Emma were eating sunflower hearts from my hand. After more than 4 months of patience and trying again and again  I finally succeeded in gaining their trust to feed from my hand. Pete took all his courage and started to eat from my hand, then Emma while I was feeding Angelo with my right hand. Can you imagine the picture??? I feel like Saint Franziskus!!! This is a greater joy than getting the testimonial from the university!!!

Hubert is still here – he slept during the night in pigeoncity again and left a neat little heap of perfect poop – 😛😛😛
The next morning he was sitting on the neighbour balcony, waiting for Willy to take off and then being able to snatch some seeds for breakfast.





Today Pete and Emma are taking a bath again – it is so hot….

All pijjies are getting crazy for water and line up to take a bath too but Pete won’t let them – it’s all his


0817xx0061empeEmma and Pete



0817xx0066look at Pete’s face – isn’t it gorgeous????


0817xx0070Winnie on the left – desperate for a bath but…


0817xx0076Jimi tries to sneek into the bath but…





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