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October 2, 2009

Emma eats 4 sunflower hearts from my Hand (4 weeks)

From the

Diary as of  8/18 – 8/19/09

8/18 A milestone in history! After half a year of trying and being veeeeeeery patient the miracle happened:  Emma ate 4 sunflower hearts from my hand! She danced around my hand which was lying on the balcony balustrade – I nearly got a sleepy arm – she finally took all her courage and picked up 4 sunflower hearts. I think the barrier is broken!

Peppi and Pina are so sweet – they are doing flying exercises again. Now they can fly from 1 m high to the ground now. They are a little more than 4 weeks old now.

Pina was on the doorstep of the balcony door today, looking outside but she did not dare to really go outside yet. I am glad that she is so cautious. Their own free life comes early enough… – too early for my taste.

Today I put the green bathtub on the balustrade – oh my how the pijjies loved this again!

8/19 The babies took a bath today – in the large green bowl that the adults are normally using. They really splashed around – in my studio – leaving a lot of water on my balcony door and on the carpet. But who cares…. It was such a fun to watch them having their fun.

Peppi and Pina, both can fly up – at least for some small distance. This is the beginning of their real life. Peppi and Pina both flew from my hand and landed safely – which means they can land without using their nose for braking. Peppi flew up on the table and the first thing he did was knocking over the little foodie pots so that everything got spilled. Silly silly silly – the only thing missing was him making a face at me!!

Peppi is a typical male teenager – sometimes he is aggressive and starts fighting with my finger, sometimes he is such a sweetie. He is easily insulted especially when he thinks that I am nicer to Pina. He becomes soooo jealous. He then even rejects taking sunflower hearts! Silly him sulking. Pina is addicted to sunflower hearts. I have to be careful – I think she would feed on them until she would burst.

We can go to the circus: Pina is eating sunflower hearts from my mouth!! This means I am taking a sunflower seed between my teeth or lips and she is picking them directly from there. How about that?

Hubert, the homer  is still here! He knows where the food is. Very sweet. I think he is getting along very well. I wonder how long he will be around. He is really a very sweet homer, very gentle.

Here is another video – both were about 3 weeks old then – I did not want to hold back:  Everything from a little Pigeon’s Perspective – I hope you have your fun with this:


I have also quite a few videos from their bathing fun – have to work on those videos first and will show them later.

Here are a few pics from Pina and Peppi  – they look quite grown up already – like real pijjies  😛 :


0818xxx0008pinaPina in front of my toolbox

0818xxx0012peppiPeppi in front of my toolbox

0818xxx0018ppone of my most favourite photos: both sleeping on my printer

0818xxx0020ppand here you can see how ragged Pina’s little head (lft) still looks like after the attack – some feathers are not growing yet


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